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December 31, 2007


Love Apple Farm

Tom: My variety sheet can be found here:

Ludmilla's Red Plum is a fabulous red paste/sauce/roma/salsa tomato. An old-fashioned heirloom, indeterminate.

Tom Bouska

I purchased a Ludmilla's Red Plum, plant today at the Master Gardeners event in San Jose. I could not find any info on your web site about this variety could you send me a link or data.

 Anthony (I love Gardening) Finney

Wonderful well put together gardening site. Very useful tips and articles. Well worth a read. Love the article on growing tomatoes. Keep up the good work!

Nancy Jean

Wow! I am so excited to read that you are having an early tomato class, what a great idea. A whole variety to choose from too and just when I was going to fall into a winter funk, my tomato dreams aren't as far away as they once seemed.


I am inspired by how you have figured out how to stretch every part of the tomato process out to last almost the whole year through. Starting seeds so early, harvesting thru to December, saving and sorting the seeds and then before you've finished those wonderful home canned tomatoes, you've got new tomato babies sprouting. Rock out Tomato Lady!

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