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December 22, 2007



I live in Southern Oregon where we have light snows. Our last frost date is May 10. Can I plant the starts now?

Chris Brandow

i am now working with my first leeks from starts thanks! Is it important to keep some of the green exposed to light in your experience? I did not, I buried them ~6-8 inches and so far I am getting mixed results in how many are coming up, though it has only been 2.5 weeks. thanks for your great site.


Thanks for your post... I have come upon a handful of starter leeks and needed info on how to plant them, so I googled "planting leeks" and this was the first result! Just what I needed to know- thanks!

Jeannie Kret

I bought some leeks, chopped off the edible parts and the part left with the roots, I stuck them into my veggie garden.

It has only been a couple of weeks and the tops are growing. I did not plant it deep - so I'm guessing I won't be having any deep white parts!

Is this a way to grow edible leeks?

Bill Nunes

I discovered leeks this past year. Actually I discovered that they are fairly easy and, as you said, much less sensitive about when they grow than other alliums.
In smaller numbers they are easy to start in flats, prick out into 2" pots and finally to the garden - but it takes forever.
You might suggest your home gardeners try them from seed in this way. I transplanted in July and they withstood plenty of days over 90F here in the Central Valley.
Love your site and good gardening info.

Keith Winkelman

Do you have a recommendation for a good min/max thermometer. I've done some preliminary 411 but the pickings seem to be slim. Lots of models are discontinuted. Any advice?

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