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January 08, 2008


Doug Whitmore

I'm signing up for the Tomato Transplants from Seed course on Jan 26th and I can't wait. This will be my first class, though I hope to take more.

Leslie Fitzgerald

It looks like a truly astonishing assortment of tomatoes for this year. If the pictures look so good, imagine how nice the tomatoes will be in real life !
If I win tuition for a class, I want to attend one of the tomato transplant sessions.


What an awesome selection of tomatoes! Really hope I can make it for at least one of the classes.


Cynthia, your upcoming class in February, "Grow Your Own Tomato Transplants from Seed" will be my 3rd opportunity to "study" with you. Every time I visit the Farm or attend a class, I learn new things that benefit my gardening and ALWAYS come away inspired and excited about my relationship with my garden. Your passion and brilliance about your work have taken my skill level way beyond what I imagined I could learn in one short year. The shortcuts in the learning curve that I experience due to your teachings have brought me to a place in my gardening that I think may have taken years on my own to learn. Thank you so much for being my gardening "touchstone"! See you soon and happy to hear more sun is coming to your land!


It's so nice to see that not only are there gardening classes available to the community, but gardening classes with a real focus on sustainable, creative farming. The summer vegetable garden class sounds perfect for me, but I'm excited to see vermiculture too!

Stephanne Caverly

I have enjoyed seeing the evolution of your tomato kingdom over the last few years. Being on the scary edge of a career change, and watching you turn your passion into a profession has been a source of inspiration for me. Both your garden, and your website are a joy to look at - a real tribute to produce as an art-form. Thanks!
(My current ambition is to produce an earlier tomato harvest)

Linda Barber

Hi...I just love your farm, and we have bought tomatoes from you for several years. You even took us inside the house once and showed us work you were doing in your kitchen, and we bought some jam (YUM!)My Dad has always grown his own seedlings, but he is back in MI. I would love to attend your Tomato Seedling Class!!!! PS...I forwarded your newsletter to my sister in MI...she loves it!

Nickie Irvine

I'm not sure why I bothered to take your Tomato Seed Growing class a couple of years back. After all, I'm a seasoned gardener and I knew how to sprout a seed. What could have enticed me? Perhaps I was curious about the many varieties you have and the prospect of bringing some home. Perhaps I'd grown lazy and needed a kick in the pants to plant my own starts. Or perhaps I wondered if you had a few tricks up your sleeve. Little did I know -- this gardener has many a trick up her sleeve! Come to think of it, maybe I should take it again, and the sooner the better!

Patricia Messer

My friend Heidi and I are starting tomatoes this week as well. I love to look forward to Spring and new growth helps fill the soul. We look forward to each newsletter and this was especially wonderful to see the varieties you will be planting. We went from 12 last year to 40 this year.
We appreciate all the hints and helps you give in starting and transplanting seedlings.
It's going to be a great year. I also had a large tree mostly down from a huge snow several weeks ago. Now there will be more sun and a place for chickens.
Thanks again,
Patricia & Heidi in Utah


It's great that your classes are attended not only by seasoned gardeners, but also by kids eager to learn more. What a great way to teach not only about nature, biology, geometry, chemistry (all involved in designing and caring for a garden) and business (something Rachael clearly learned a bit about in caring for her own seedlings for sale), but also about philanthropy and personal introspection.

P.S. All your classes sound like fun, but the chicken class particularly interests me!


I love your selection of tomatoes! I can't wait to take the CHICKEN CLASS. :)

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