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August 25, 2008


Ruth Stroup

Love the Kale.. it's so good for soups and stews. Even though we can get it year round, it's a winter food in my kitchen as we eagerly await the turning of the seasons.


My friend and I drove down from San Francisco to take Cynthia's class and it was definitely worth the drive. The Winter Veggie class was great! Cynthia is a funny and engaging teacher who really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend taking her classes.


Winter veggie class was amazing! I highly recommend it to ANYONE. Cynthia, you are an awesome teacher... I appreciate your humor, knowledge, passion, and honesty. I look forward to taking many more of your classes!


I have to admit that the kohlrabi I grew this summer season after being inspired by another post of yours is now one of my fave vegetables. I'm also growing it for a late season harvest. I love it raw and think it will do nicely for my morning snack once the selection of fruit dwindles down to oranges or... more oranges.


I am in Italy enjoying their late summer pestos and veggies so have not had much chance to think about the yummy winter tastes but I would have to agree that Kale is wonderful - it is a comfort, a steady, strong plant that is loyal in my garden staying thru all the seasons.


My favorite winter vegetable is Cavolo Nero a.k.a. Lacinato Kale, Dino Kale, Black Cabbage, Tuscan Kale, etc - it seems to have something of an identity crisis. It's an incredibly versatile and really tasty green. I love that it can have a long season - my spring sown plants can go about a year before bolting if they don't get too stressed. I use it sauteed with garlic as a side dish, in soup, pasta, gratins, as a bruschetta topping and even make pesto with it. It's fairy common now and I'm always experimenting with more unusual vegetables, but Cavolo Nero always has a place in my garden.


RatTail Radish makes a nice spicy addition to stirfries .....


Only pick one favorite? Hmmmm, I love gold turnips. I'm still looking for seeds locally. I love to slow braise them with a generous knob of butter - I could eat a whole plate of them.


I love young and tender - tasty bok choy! It's one I have to buy when I see it!

Gary Millwood

The Tomato Variety Photo Album is a wonderful site to check out varieties and dream about another season of growing new tomato varieties!

I loved the many types of Squash/Pumpkin you grow. There is nothing like these to get folks into the fall spirit of celebrating the season and sharing a meal around the table. Food provides wonderful opportunities to nourish the body as well as relationships!

Love Apple Farm Tomato Dinner at Manresa Restaurant
The close up in the garden selecting the many tomato varieties by you and the Chef and the preparations for the dishes to be served made me want to be there and share in the wonderful experience! Perhaps a recipe or two some time in the future, please!

Cynthia, I have Iran Squash seed if you would care for any.

Jan C.

I have absolutely loved tree collards. The leaves taste like a sweeter kale.
From Gardenweb : "John Jeavons is growing one of the "tree cabbages". There are a few including some called "tree kale" or "tree collards". They're all related and basically they're perennial collards/cabbage/kale that grow slowly on an upright husky central stem, getting 3 to 6 feet tall with a nice crown of leaves at the very top."
I rip off the lower leaves for meals. I cut out the midrib because it's too tough to eat. It gets to where it is 5-6 feet, then you cut off the top, stick the stem of the top in the ground. It roots again and it starts a new plant for the next year.

Cathy Steck

My favorite is the dark red beets and thier greens. So yummy. I make this salad with them:

I would love to attend one of winter veggie classes, one day when my kids are older. ;-)


It's gotta be beets. I love that beets give so much -- stems and leafs pair well with goat cheese tossed in pasta (love it). And one simply hasn't lived until they've enjoyed a roasted beet salad . . . or pickled beets! And the colors are gorgeous -- hard to beat (hah!).

That being said, I can't wait to plant PDT (aka potatoes) after your winter garden class on potato tips. Who knew about layering? Since we can plant all year around, I'll stick with beets . . . those sugary, lovely beets!


My favorite winter vegetable is kale. I love it in soups and braises.

Bill Barnard

Love those acorn squash! Baked and adorned with butter and brown sugar. Food for the gods!


My fav? Pumpkin - jarrahdale, 'Once In A Blue Moon'.
Yup, blue! And so ridiculously delicious. Great in any pumpkin recipe, but the pies it makes are to die for! Besides, people think they're weird when they see them.

John Herrick

Our favorite winter veggie is Brussel Sprouts, but I have had little success with them. JH

Doug Whitmore

I'm going to try and take the class on the 7th. Choosing a favorite winter vegetable is difficult, but I think Broccoli would be my favorite. I think my wife would prefer sweet potatoes, so I should plant some of those as well...


My favorite winter vegetable is butternut squash! I didn't have any room for it in my garden this year, but I have a very large 3-bin compost system and I let a squash plant from the middle bin grow and much to my delight, it turned out to be butternut! Now I have those wonderful butternut squash hanging down from all sides of my compost bin just waiting to be harvested. You never know what wonderful veggie surprises might volunteer to come back!


My personal winter veg fave is califlower, so sweet and tangy, perfect cooked or raw, so many beautiful colours!!

Lin Sierra

My vote for favorite winter veggie is golden beets -- so sweet and beautiful!

Russell Imrie

Of course, potatoes are great all year but my choice is cabbage from seed. Great in salad, soup, boiled and it keeps!

Annette Jaffe

Purple kolrabi is my new favorite after eating some from a community garden friend.

PS what is your favorite tomato this year?

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