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September 12, 2008


Lynn Campbell

I took your winter veggie class and got straight to work getting my soil prepared and my floating row covers and frost blankets. No need for the frost blanket yet but it's a great feeling to be prepared. Never used a floating row cover before and I have to say it's a fantastic idea. It keeps the birds from getting my baby lettuces and the butterflies from laying eggs on my sprouts, chard et al.As the plants get bigger, the row cover just poofs up and the plants don't seem to mind it at all. I'm also trying parsnips for the first time and I'm hoping the row cover helps with germination. All the soil amendments and spading was so much harder than I expected but all the hard work is done and I get to enjoy watching the literal fruits of my labors. Next class will be tomato masters!

Kathy Rasmussen

We loved your master tomato class! Do you really get all those beneficial insects to stay in your garden? Ours flew away.


I'm looking forward to taking another class from you. Always fun and informative, even for those of us who are veteran gardeners. (and I love your dog!)


Since I live too far to attend the great sounding classes, I appreciate the time you spend putting information out for those of us who garden at a distance from you. I would love to take the backyard chicken and drip irrigation classes.

Diana Chapman

My house guests are telling me that the tomatoes from my garden are the sweetest they have ever tasted. All of your wonderful guidance has paid off! We have so many too.

I am very thankful that you are offering more winter garden classes as I was not able to make any of the past dates. You made my wish come true.

After reading many of the posts, I feel especially grateful that you are here in my area so I can easily learn from you in person.


Cathy Steck

would love to take the drip irrigation class. Maybe I can have hubby take the little one to the museum while I take your class.


Hi Cynthia!

It was nice seeing you at TomatoFest yesterday. Thanks for your tips on getting around. It really made our experience more enjoyable. But boy were we stuffed!

If all goes well, we may take a backyard chicken class from you next year.

Juliette Williams

Thank you for your newsletter, for your beautiful produce (we have some of your heirlooms growing in our raised beds!), and for your classes. I'm excited to see that you'll be having a class on backyard chicken keeping. Wonderful!

- Juliette (Boulder Creek, CA)

Tess Fitzgerald

I attended the Winter vegetable class on Saturday, Sept. 13th, and I found it to be very helpful. Cynthia did a great job of managing class time, which resulted in a lot of useful information being imparted in what turned out to be a very short 5 hours!

I am very much looking forward to attending more classes at the farm, but am hestitant to advertise this little "secret" too much, as folks from all over the Bay Area (I think us SLV residents were in the minority at the class I attended) and beyond are already catching on and filling up the dates!

Good Job, Cynthia--I look forward to the next class.

Doug Whitmore

So many classes and so little time! I wish I had time to take all of the classes. But, I'll have to settle for trying to take one of the classes.


I just had a dinner party and made a capris salad with some of your tomatoes and everyone raved about how good they were. It is so nice to have such a jem so close to where I live! Thank you.


How inspiring that there are classes for gardening for every season: winter, spring, summer and fall!


I wish I was closer so that I could take one of your classes! I second the suggestion for DVDs.


I would love to come! Unfortunatly it will be a bit of a trip so I don't think I can come. Plus winter gardening is sort of out in my climate (Canada)!

Kris Gulesserian

I really enjoyed the winter veggie class yesterday and learned alot! Invaluable info on ingredients for bed preparation, beneficial insects, seed sowing techniques, etc. Your garden is inspiring!


I just took down my tomato plants today and miss them already. They did great this summer thanks to you help! We've had beautiful tomatoes all summer long and I have a few bags of roasted tomato sauce in the freezer to remember the summer by. Looking forward to taking one of the upcoming classes. Thanks again for all the good info on growing tomatoes!

Damara  Ganley

I am so glad to see you are offering more classes. I look forward to taking your winter gardening class. i get giddy just looking at your website. thanks.

Kansas A

I have to agree with Jeph (one of the above comments), I wish you would do an online version of your classes! I live up in Canada and it's a bit to far to travel. :)


I am hoping to make it to one your classes. I was so disappointed I missed out on buying one of your tomato plants this yr...definitely next yr.


Reading your comments tells me have a national following. I enjoy your posts and wish I lived closer to attend your wonderfully described classes.


my tomatoes did not do very well this year as they were infested by white fly and my lack of attention due to my hectic summer schedule and this was the first year I tried growing them in containers, between the white fly and the deer it was dismal.
Can't afford to take a class though...

I hope to do better next year!

Angela from Ben Lomond

Hi Cynthia, My husband & I are amazed at the tomato seedlings we bought from you last spring. They are doing so well & produce the most unique & tasty tomatoes we've ever had! Thank you for doing what you do!!


I'm so jealous of all the folks who live out by you and get to take your classes. Too bad you don't offer some sort of distance learning online version of your classes! After pretty much flubbing installation of some drip/soaker hose irrigation for my deck planters and pots mid summer this year, I'd love to see how someone with experience does it right.


Hi Cynthia! I'll be pouring wine at the TomatoFest today so maybe I'll see you there..come by the "Wines of Carmel" table for a nice glass of Chardonnay or Pinot.


Cari Santoyo

I'm going to be signing up for your backyard chicken class. It sounds so interesting!

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