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January 25, 2010


Amy Jespersen

No matter how much we want to believe you we still seem to maintain a certain amount of denial. You said the tomatoes would grow 7 plus feet, you said these cages would work and you said STAKE the cages or they will fall over. It is the end of the season but I was hoping for just a couple more weeks.

Chris Melching

Hi Cynthia,
I'm so excited about this upcoming CAGE class. I'm registered and bringing a friend. I'd like to make/buy 5 cages, and she'd like 4 cages. Her name is Karen B.

Love Apple Farm

The containers can have the pokey ends cut off, so it's just a ring on the bottom. If there were a post or fence located somewhere around, you could tie the cage to that, to prevent it from falling over later in the summer with the weight of tomatoes in it.


I have a question--your cages look they are to be inserted in the ground. Could they be used with containers on a deck? Or would they maybe fall over? My containers are 18" tall and 17" wide. Thanks for your time.


I wish I was close enough to attend one of your classes!
Those cages look great! I use 8' stakes anchored 1' into the ground for my tomatoes, but with the wet summer we had last year, all of my plants were 10'+. One cherry even reached 15' tall and was climbing into the neighbour's tree! A little 3' tomato cage is only good for a little determinant tomato, or maybe peppers!
I hope the class goes well and I wish I could be there!


Cynthia classes are great, before I took one of her classes I was horrible at gardening, overwatered everything, and my soil amendment was way off. Last year took several classes and it made a huge difference; I am so thankful; from the seedlings to growing to finally harvesting eating and giving to family and friends its great and very addictive - Love Gardening


Thanks for all the useful information given at the Early Spring Veggie class. It really is a great way to prepare ahead for the season and gives me something constructive to do between rains!
Looking forward to my next class AND my chickens laying their 1st eggs this spring :)


Seeing those beautiful tomato plants made me really wish it was summertime!

Catt Porter

PS....I think I have 16 cages to date...Catt..;>}

Catt Porter

Hi Cynthia,

After all this rain I am hoping we all have a great Summer harvest! This will be my 3rd year using the cages you and I cut and I can't think of a better way to re-cycle! They are such a big hit at the community garden I share that I have had many people inquire about them.....I would love to keep it a secret but "sharing is caring"...;>}. One thing I really love about your cages is they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the large tomatoes I have grown....your plants/seeds! I can't wait until your sale begins as I missed the Paul Robeson plants last year....waiting anxiously! Take care and see you soon, Catt


I am not, unfortunately, anywhere near your class. My tomatoes needed such help last year. One reached 12 feet, which is insane. I love that you saw the problem and created your own unique solution at Love Apple Farm. :)

Eric Schley

I love the tomato cages. Since I'm nowhere close to your location I'll have to try making them myself.

Do you weld it together?


Fabulous and beautiful. I'm very jealous of those who live close enough! You really need to move to MO. I don't care where I would make the trip. When I come to CA and I will be coming, I'm taking your classes!

Jennifer in MamaLand

Traditional "tomato" cages are only good for small flowery things... I would love to live close enough to be able to attend this workshop and make some REAL cages that can stand up to a real indeterminate tomato! Great site for us fresh-tomato starved tomatophiles!!!


Your blog is so informative! I wish I lived closer so I could attend one of your classes.

Steve Tanner

I plan on buying at least five of your custom tomato cages. Last year I didn’t give them enough root space and so the plants started to fail, but two traditional cages stacked and tied end-to-end wasn’t even adequate.



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