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Kenneth Rector

Cynthia, you should take every variety you grow to the tomato fest! I'm not joking, you have some of the best tomatoes I've ever tasted and the tomato fest is THE place to show them off.


Cynthia if you'd like to use any of the videosand photos from the TomatoFest contact me. Take a look at:

all the videos can be embedded FREE at your site and we are the host no charge.


Jennifer Chadwick

Hi Cynthia,

Here it is December 6th, and I still have tomatoes turning ripe colors from the plants, which were grown from the seeds you provided at Guadaloupe Garden Center last February. I pull off about 3 to 4 a day from my crop. I've never had tomatoes continue to produce fruit in the winter like this? They are as sweet as ever.


Could be it. I remember them being very large tomatoes, and not weird shapes. They were very uniformly shaped tomatoes, if that makes sense. I am no tomato expert. ;) They had a very dusty rose/pink color - not red at all. I will look into your suggestion, thanks! Do you think I could even get them to grow here (metro Phoenix) though? I have never grown tomatoes from seed. Knock on wood, my two remaining tomato plants will survive (I planted 4; two wilted and died). They have gobs of tomatoes on them and I'm dying for them to ripen so I can eat one! Thanks, again.

Love Apple Farm

Jen: Looking in the "bible" of heirloom seed listings (the Seed Savers 2007 Yearbook), I see a total of 37 different tomato varieties that start with the word "pink." Everything from one called "Pink" to one called "Pink Zilla."

Then there are hundreds more with the word "pink" in the name, such as "Old German Pink." The one simply called "Pink" is described as "an indeterminate type, 4 x 3" flat globe shape, pink skin and flesh, average yield." Does that ring a bell?

The seed is being offered by a Seed Savers member in Wyoming. To become a member, and therefore have access to the thousands of heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds exchanged among members, you can visit

Hope this helps, and if you get the seed and it's what you hoped it would be, please let me know!


My grandparents used to grow pink tomatoes back in Wisconsin when I was a kid. I asked my mom recently if she remembered the name of the variety they grew and she thought they were called - fittingly - "Pinks". Do you know of such a type of tomato? If so, any ideas where I could get seeds? I live in Arizona now. I so miss the big, juicy tomatoes I ate when I was a kid.

Annette Truong

Cynthia, your tomato photos are absolutely gorgeous! It is thrilling to browse through all the colorful heirloom varieties. I do hope you are selling seeds of most of these varieties!

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