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John Pomeroy

One of Rudolf Steiner's mentors, Viktor Schauberger, spent the majority of his life studying water. The natural vortexes occurring in rivers, creeks and streams fascinated him and an understanding of their significance in water vitality permeated much of Steiner's philosophies. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and anyone who follows biodynamics will tell you: it works. Science may catch up to practice someday, but in the meantime, we do what works.

Walter Moora

I love your description of the cow horn preparation. I have just started my own blog about my life as a BD farmer and will be describing the Preps and other BD concepts. I will be giving a six week BD workshop in Ecuador which I describe on my website


an interesting study that produced increased yields from biodynamically prepared compost applications versus conventional applications:

athanasios giannopoulos

hi from Greece...nice page...

Love Apple Farm

Keith: The Prep 500 is a fall application, and we can put it on all beds, active or not. It goes onto the soil, not the plants. In the spring, you should begin with Prep 501, which is the horn silica. You can acquire horns and the preps from the Josephine Porter Institute for Biodynamics here:
You won't see the horns listed on that index, but they do have them, if you inquire about it. Using horns from a cow (as opposed to a steer) is essential, and she should have had at least one calf during her lifetime. Good luck with it!

Keith Winkelman

I've been intrigued by the "Horn" preps and want to begin in the spring with the Prep 500 you describe. Finding the manure won't be a problem. Where does one obtain the horns? Also, it appears that this is a late fall activity so are you putting it on beds that will lie dormant, or on active winter garden beds?


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