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Love Apple Farm

Brooke: You can cover with an old piece of carpet. That's a nice way to do it. I would cut it in a circle fitting exactly inside the pile.

Brooke - in Oregon

Ok, you have convinced me. I am going to try this, do I have to cover the pile? We get so much crazy wind in the winter I am not sure I can keep anything on top of it?


Do you put cooked seasoned food waste (scrap from blanched veg. ie. fava skins, Meat scraps, etc.) in your compost? I heard it might be bad to put things that contain lots of salt in the pile. Myth?

Love Apple Farm

Marcy: I don't know about snakes in your neck of the woods. Our compost piles do not attract snakes, just dogs and raccoons. The sides of the compost pile are built up high to keep them out.


hello. i would like to try the wire composter but we get visited by snakes during the summer. would this attract them more?

Walter Jeffries

We compost dead animals, including larger ones. Works fine. Be patient. Add lots of carbon - I use wood chips, shavings, saw dust and hay. Mix in some dirt. Don't turn the pile. Just let it sit. In a year or two there is virtually nothing to find of the dead body - just rich black soil. The biggest animal we've composted to date was a sow that fell through the ice in the winter - probably 500 or 600 lbs.

One trick is we use pallets to form the walls of our compost pile. Stick a 2x4 between them and tie them together at the edges with wire. This lets the pile breath better and keeps it more ovoid rather than pyramidal. That provides for better, more even heating and thus composition.

Bob Bowe


OK, I know a composter is the next garden step for me. Can you recommend a composter that's cheaper then the $499. I don't want to be cheap but I also don't need or want to be extravagant (It's my CFO training). This also has to have some Better Homes & Garden appeal for my wife.

I also enjoyed your post on preparing the beds. Can you recommend a store near Saratoga where I can buy these ingredients?


Bob Bowe

Love Apple Farm

Yes, the chef carved out the gills, but I really don't know why. I'll have to ask him. I'll let you know!


Awesome tuna head! Did the restaurant carve out the cheeks? I heard the cheeks are full of flavor!

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