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Karen Daniel

I did the 'Growing Tomatos from Seed' class in Jan 2010 and despite the challenges with the weather last summer, we produced over 70 lbs of truely glorious and tasty tomatoes. All of my seeds sprouted except 2 types, so we ended up with over 120 plants. I personally planted 30 plants in the ground and in pots around our small section with fantastic results. The class was extremely informative and generally entertaining.
My sincere thanks Cynthia and Love Apple Farm!! See you soon.

M. Lovin

I live in Ohio so unfortunately, I won't be able to sign up for your class even though I would love to, but I would love to win the wonderful seeds! I save my seeds each year from my old Wisconsin tomato variety that my Husband's Father used to grow. It is really simple to save seeds--just pick your best tomato, scoop out the seeds and pulp and put in a jar with a little water and let ferment for about a week and then rinse them and spread them out on paper towels until thoroughly dry and store in a zip lock bag. One tomato yields a couple years worth of seeds!


I would to finally grow and enjoy Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes this year. If I lived closer I would love to join this class.

Carol Smith

My zen is gardening and I adore home grown heirloom tomatoes.

Last year Cynthia recommended some of her seedlings which turned out to be my families all time favorites! You cannot have enough organic heirloom tomatoes and you cannot beat Cynthia's selections.

I'm signed up for the class and know the most difficult part will be selecting the 48 different varieties. Yum.

Love Apple Farm

Angie: Your young plants may have suffered a sunburn in this extremely hot weather we've been having. As we show in signs at my nursery, plants straight out of the greenhouse need to be gradually introduced to strong sunlight, much like people trying to get a suntan do. With the 90 degree plus days, that is even more important to do. Another factor could be your soil and whether it has proper fertility. Click on the right hand column on this page which says, "Instructions on How to Grow Better Tomatoes," and read through it to get more tips on what you can do to improve your plants. Good luck!

angie norquist

Hi I purchase my tomato plants from you, I
put them in the ground last week. Now, the
tops of the tomato leaves look like they are
burnt. leaves are yellow and dry look dry.
What can I do to them now..Thanks Angie

led grow light

What beautiful tomatoes you have there. I can't wait to sign up for this class. Amazing colors on those.

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