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February 04, 2008



I was once a "perpetually bored lachanophobic teen-ager"....


My romanesco have shot up and I was worried they were mutant ones until I read the comments here. I wondered whether I need to do anything to help them form their heads, or just let them keep on growing and hope they do it on their own?


Perfect example of fractals in nature.

Love Apple Farm

Nic: Just be patient, the flower will eventually come.


I have had my romanesco in for about 4 months now and they are quite tall. Approx 2 feet... When does it start to flower? have i done something wrong to make it not flower.... There is no sign of a flower.

Annette J

I steamed a whole head for Christmas dinner last year and decorated it with tiny beets, little onions, and strips of red pepper. Really beautiful and a great conversation started.


My plants are growing bigger and bigger and I am waiting for the head to form.Seeing the photo of yours I can't wait!

Love Apple Farm

Chuck: Wow, I didn't know there was such an issue with bugs and the Romanesco at farmers' markets. All the Romaneso I've ever grown has been bug-free. I wonder if the bugs attach themselves after harvest, or if they are there when harvested? Hmmm. I would suggest soaking it under water for a time to get rid of the bugs, perhaps with something a bit heavy on it to hold it down. You may already have tried that, though.


I'm curious as to how it is prepared and presented at the restaurant.


are there secrets to farming it and keeping the bugs out? i've bought it three different times at the farmer's market, from 3 different vendors, and each time it has been infested with bugs - all sorts. it was impossible to eat the vegetable w/o eating bugs.


I LOVE romanesco!! why aren't more foods fractal-shaped??


I had no idea the plant could get so large...for this reason alone I'm now considering giving it a go this year! Beautiful.

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