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Wow I'm a Chef and Ive never seen or heard of Black Cherry tomatos! Pretty cool! Congrats winners!

Peggy Tartaglino

Last year my Red Pear plant was 12 feet tall. This year, when I plant, I will double-deck the tomato cage for the Red Pear. We must have had thousands (no kidding) of tomatoes from that one plant. My co-workers are so thrilled that I went to your Tomato Propagating class this year and may have 144 seedlings. I'll be sharing all with them, before and after. Some of them will be given away at church raffles.


Thank you, I can not wait to get seeds in the mail! Keep writing, your blog is so full of info and inspiration.


very interesting information, delightfuly makes you relive your gardening last spring and summer

Joyce Spencer

Thanks for the newsletter. It is always a joy to receive it. I am really looking forward to growing some delicious tomatoes again this year. I dried some last year and had that great flavor well into the winter. Thanks again.

Stacey Center

I have only just discovered your beautiful blog but I am already drooling over tomato (and celeriac and ..and...and) possibilities. Not only are the photos gorgeous, the blogging interesting and fun to read, but the site is truly informative. It is not often that all of those converge to make a winning blog but you have done it! I will certainly be an avid reader and I do hope to GROW BETTER VEGGIES this spring in my very first vegetable garden.

Cyndi Lester

Hi Cynthia, I think your website and newsletter are the best! I am looking forward to another one of your classes - I was "under the weather" during your last class so I am hoping you will have another. Last year after your tomato class all 128 tomato seeds sprouted and I transplanted all of them and grew them in my laundry room. I planted 20 plants in my garden (wow, they yielded lots and lots of tomatoes!) and I gave the rest away for Mother's Day. Good job at starting and growing a wonderful business. Warmly, Cyndi


I'm new to your site and I love it. I found you by searching tomatoes on You Tube. I too have a tomato passion. One year I planted 108 different varieties. This year I limited myself - I only have 8 varieties (so far) yet somehow I still have 40 tomato plants growing. Looking forward to future updates.

john joseph

I purchased some Super San Marzanos & Chucks Yellow starts last year from Cynthia. WOW!!! These varieties blew my socks off! The Chucks had an incredible flavor. My 90 year old mother scolded me for choosing this variety. After she ate one, she could not stop telling everyone that this was the best tomato she had ever eaten. Sometimes it pays huge dividends to try new things!
And yes, the San Marzano's were positively awesome in flavor & ph balance-- not acidy--did'nt need to be sugared. Ciao John


I am at the TomatoFest every year pouring at a winery table, Wines of Carmel. I always come home with baskets of delicious tomatoes. Yum!

Please come by our table for a bottle of our Chardonnay, my treat!

Kevin Goodwin

I am new to your newsletter and am just wowed by the content that you have on-line. I am looking forward to many more newsletters and thank you for them.


I love reading your posts. I always learn something, thank you.

Monica Zarate


I learned about your wonderful site and visited you there a couple of years ago...and I just wanted you to know how proud of you I am to see your website expand and improve and to see your flourishing in doing what you love!! You are an inspiration to us gardeners and to women in general that you are living your dream and being a success. I forward your email often to other friends. And, another friend mentioned recently that you were featured on a local tv show, congratulations, you go girl!!

Biker chick, gardener, Monica


your site is such an inspiration!

cindy haug

Hi Cynthia and Zac,
I have enjoyed the newsletters, news about you and LAF, and we went to Manresa last year, yum, extraordinaire! What a difference you've made!! So I have now been growing from seed, got em in already, but would love to plant some new varieties. BTW-I had Persimmons (tomato variety)into December, what a blast.
The best,


I cannot wait for Spring. Reading the articles and looking at the pictures on your site just makes me want to get my hands dirty.


Most interesting website, lots of learning material and helpful growing tips.Keep up the good work!!!


I'm so happy to find a local grower and this great newsletter! Gives us all something to look forward to during the cold, rainy days.


love the website & visit often. It's nice to know there are other people like me. (most of my friends think i'm insane when it comes to different veggies + TOMATOES)


I love opening my email and seeing a new newsletter from LoveApple Farm. It is like a little present! I love the pictures and the stories and the sense of inspired living. Thanks for sharing.

John Papa

I'm enjoying your newsletter and I really like the Black Cherry variety that I've gotten at the Master Gardener Spring sale. I would be delighted if I won the raffle for some seeds; this is the right time to start germination.


We can not wait to eat the first home grown, vine ripened tomato. Your blog and site are absolutely fantastic and they are a real inspiration to get moving and get the space ready for those tomato plants. I have learned so much receiving and reading your email. Keep sending the good information and encouragement. Irma


Woo hoo! More tomato seeds! I just started some seeds already because I always want to get a jumpstart on my tomatoes. Hopefully, there won't be a late frost to surprise me. The varieties you're offering look great. Looking forward to them! Thank you again for a wonderful blog.


I have read about your farm and tomatoes for a few years now and each year promised myself I would attend a class or at the very least visit the farm. I've let myself down and put off my visits for the last time. Each comment has made me realize what I am missing. I am so impressed with the variety and scope of your veggies. This is my year and I am signing up for a class as soon as I finish here.

Sue Bateman

I love browsing through your newsletters! I live in Northern California but a lot of what you suggest in your newsletters, I can modify and use in my own turf. Thank you for this service that you provide! I have told many of my gardening friends about your website and newsletter.

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