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February 25, 2008


jerry martin

Saw your recent TV exposure, walking through your forest of tomato plants. I don't know how you do it. Just amazing. I will continue to visit you in April and purchase seedings as my grandchildren live near by in Ben Lomand.

Laurie Becker

What a great website I've discovered in Grow Better Veggies! I'm very much looking forward to taking a class and getting re-inspired about vegetable gardening. Thanks for all your effort in staying connected to your fans!


You've got me hooked on tomatoes. Two years ago I purchased a dozen plants and store tomatoes just won't do now! Can't wait to get more started this year! Tobolsk and Sunset's Red Horizon look good enough to eat right off your web page!


Always really enjoy your newsletters! Can't wait for Spring to start setting out plants, oh guess I better plant some seeds!

I am enjoying following you and Chef Kinch adventures to bring the best veggies to Manresa.

Juliette W.

Hi there! I love your web site, especially since you're close to where we live (Boulder Creek), which makes me confident that someone will understand my 'growing pains'. In the past I've tended to get seeds and plants I loved and wanted to grow, rather than pay attention to what *would* grow in the redwoods. The pictures of your tomatoes are beautiful!

Erin H

Hi, I love your website and have been to Love Apple Farm in years past for tomato plants.
When we went to Manresa with friends and got the vegies it gave me the warm fuzzies to think where they came from. Your website is exciting and inspirational. Thank you!

Sharon Bryson

Two years ago my husband and I purchased seeds from you. Our tomatoes were the hit of our block. Last year we did not make it to your farm. We bought plants at our local garden shop. Needless to say, they were terrible and we ended up throwing the plants and the fruit away. We learned our lesson.


Ever since Christine Waters encouraged me to look up your website and blog I have enjoyed every installment. I feel like I have found a friend and fellow traveler in the culinary garden, and wish I were near enough to visit. Your beautiful blog is the next best thing. Well done!


Since discovering your blog I've been swayed to adding 2 new veg to my garden (kohlrabi & celeriac) and am more determined than ever to make a success of growing romanesco broccoli - I finally got some major fractal action this year (2nd year of tryimg) but the snow got to it first and it turned to mush when I touched it :-( But I'm ready to try again - thanks for the inspiration!


I LOVE browsing your website. I live in southern CA but I am hoping to take a trip to take one of your classes. I am a "tomato freak" and I think that you have chosen an excellent selection of tomatoes. I have already started planting tomatoes and can almost taste them. :o)

Jeanette Howeth Crumpler

Love your website and have enjoyed seeing you and the Manresa chef on TV. I'm still a very enthusiastic gardener and though old in years, still young in loving gardening and growing! tells about me and my writing and tomatoes too. Have told the TomatoMania Yahoo group about you too.
Regards and appreciation,
Jeanette in Dallas, TX


Hi Cynthia,

Your farm is more beautiful than ever. Thanks for all your good work and help over the years.



It is always a treat to read your blog...I am new to gardening, and you inspire me! And by the way, Dali is absolutely darling.


When it is cold and snowy, rainy etc. Or I am tired from planting, a newsletter like yours is a real treat to relax and read. Thanks.

Carol Moss

I have planted the seeds I won earlier this year from Love Apple Farms. They are happily growing under lights in my daughter's former bedroom turned indoor greenhouse. By the time she returns home for a visit this year, I'll have lots of maters to feed her!
Thank you Cynthia!


Hi, Yahooy, its tomato time again! Do you think you will have any San Francisco Fog, or is that too main stream?
See you soon!

Farmgirl Susan

Congratulations to the winners! And here's to another chance. ; ) Those yellow tomatoes are just stunning. Looking forward to your upcoming tomato seed starting posts - we've been snowed in for nearly two weeks and I still haven't started any yet!


Mmmm, just looking at those photos has got me hungry for summer. Those Black Cherry tomatoes look awesome.


Those are good looking tomato varieties! I always find something interesting in your Newsletter. Thanks for sharing your helpful information with so many!

Annette J

Looks like spring and there are even bees buzzing around. Can tomatoes be far behind. Are you having more tomato cage classes? Do you have a favorite eggplant variety?

cane pazzo

I anxiously await the arrival of the next newsletter. They are always chock full of great tips and helpful information. The photos of the tomatoes are stunning!
Keep 'em coming.

Chris Stanek

I saw you on TV with Manressa's chef a couple of nights ago and had the pleasure of attending one of your lectures at our master gardener group recently. You are such a delightful inspiration and I am getting antsy for warmer weather and a new garden. Keep up the good work.

Candace Eiseman

I can't wait for Northern Lights and Taxi tomatoes! It has been a long winter, even though they produced way into the fall!


I agree with the post above. Every time I visit your site or read a newsletter, I learn something (who knew celeriac took so long to grow?!). And your enthusiasm is definitely contagious; I want to go plant something *right now*!!! :)

michele landegger

you have an excellent website, very inspiring and intelligent.

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