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Nice green house.

Kaley Davis

Wow!! You are a wonderful gardener it is so beautiful. I also have a small garden nothing like yours.
You have so much more paasion for your garden then I do.


You are such a spectacular farmer and it's been amazing to watch your property (via photos) transform and expand with the task of growing food for Manresa. I am a local resident who has always enjoyed your tomatoes, and I commend your commitment to organic farming. What an admirable career! You have a beautiful farm. And Dali is adorable!

Sue Bateman

What a wonderful post! I love spring and summer growing the most but I too have a small winter garden and a greenhouse that I use all winter in Northern California.


I found your Blog through Farmgirl Fare's link. We are currently looking for acreage to buy & establish a farm, garden, laying hens, etc. Your blog is a constant inspiration!!

This entry was amazing & so eye opening. I have never thought about summer vs winter crops & how they even mimic our own habits each season.

If you don't mind, I'm going to link to your post in our blog entry tomorrow. It's a fascinating thought....


Thank you for waxing poetic, Cynthia. You are right-on.


Beautiful post Cynthia! I admire your passion.


The thing I like best about winter gardening in San Jose is the rain is finally on our side. I wish there was a way to save it for summer when the withering rays of the sun are unrelenting and there isn't a drop of rain for at least 4 months...


A lovely, lovely post. the resident gardener here prefers the winter garden, though I still love summer's crops best.


Love this post! I am a new reader and have really been enjoying going through your old entries. This was our first winter garden and aside from a small fava bean disaster it was a huge and incredibly rewarding success - we ate our own broccoli on New Year's Eve! Something so magical about picking greens under a sky full of snow...


What a beautiful "winter garden" is covered with a foot of snow, unfortunately. I would so love to grow edibles year round.

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