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Scott Honeycutt

Chris, Ol Boy --

I have been looking for you, want to catch up. It's been years -- Scott Honeycutt (Knoxvegas)
[email protected]


Thanks Tana, Jeaners and Annette (and kiddos) for saying nice things. I miss y'all, too.

Cynthia said that farming is like the law -- vast, knowable only in a small way because of its vastness. I agree, and I think it is because the human assists by inserting him/herself into a part of a process -- a process that is contingent on so many variables, only a few of which we see.

But although that is the challenge, that is not what keeps me coming back. It's being a witness to the beauty of the process, and eating the tomatoes, that I love.


We miss you Christopher! Love Annette, James & Emily.


Christopher, it's not quite the same without you here at the farm. I miss seeing your non stop energetic enthusiasm, (matched only of course by your dog Poopers) your lovely smile and that delightful sound of your southern drawl. Who will call me "Jeaners" I still ask myself? Your southern hospitality was felt by every visitor to the farm, always making everyone feel welcome. Your letter touched me because I know you see the poetry that goes on here at Love Apple Farm; the dedication, passion and hard work required to keep it going and the die-hard work ethic Cynthia seems to inspire in us all. Just knowing that all your contributions have made this place even better is the reward you get to carry with you everywhere you go. I remember when I house-sat for Cynthia and had the daily farm duties. The apricots were coming on and we would shake the tree, "it's raining apricots," in that moment I knew what it felt like to be rich, for no money in the world could buy that moment or those special gifts. I know you will keep touching others' lives and making the world a better place, I just know you will. Thanks for being my friend too, and of course giving me your family recipe for Tomato Gravy, yum. Love, Jeannie

Grow tents

We wish him all the best back home in Tennessee. Cynthia Sandberg, how are you doing?


Well, Christopher, I enjoyed all the time we spent together: you are smart, witty, and creative in the best possible way. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world in your new cycle of life back in "Old Tennessee," as Dan Fogelberg called it.

(And how sweet and true that you call Cynthia a "super-smart farmer." I wish we could clone her. There just isn't enough to go around!)



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