Love Apple Farms: How About a Portable Veggie Teepee?

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This looks great! I have few bean pots but I have kept it one beside the other. Will try this.


I set my pots a bit farther out so that my teepee is big enough for my grandson to play in! The beans are already sprouting! :-)


What a creative idea and springboard! This is going to be a nifty way to thwart the deer (life in the Santa Cruz mountains) by using the teepee within a smaller fenced area.
We have a small pool (seldom used) that can now provide a suitable growing space via pots, and ... improve the scenery. Thank you!

Love Apple Farm

Grovespirit: You can (and should) use any all-purpose liquid organic. "All-purpose" means that all three macronutrients (N-P-K) are present in about the same amount. For example, a 5-5-5 will give you 5% of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Apply that ever two or three weeks for max production and health.


Which organic liquid fertilizer do you recommend for containers such as these, and how often should it be applied?

I use my homegrown worm compost when I have it (about once a month), but I don't have enough to go around. I don't think monthly applications are sufficient.

So I am wondering what other organic liquid fert's you would recommend.


Love Apple Farm

Bob: I do indeed mean 15 U.S. gallons. Yes, it's heavy. We either have two people carry them, or we truck them around with a dolly. Fortunately, we don't have to cart them around a whole heckuva lot.



I am impressed with your method of growing beans but wonder if you mean 15 litres rather than gallons?

I know that US gallons are smaller than UK gallons but even so I would find it a struggle to lift o pot of 15 gallons of soil.




What a great idea! I grow your tomatoes on my balcony in pots and they do quite well. Unfortunately moving them twice this summer did challenge them a bit, but I'm still getting some nice tomatoes from them. Do you have any suggestions for winter vegetables that could grow on something like this? I'm in Sunny Sunnyvale (moved from Mountain View).


Doug Whitmore

This looks like a great idea. I'll have to try this for our winter garden.


What a great idea! We're going to set one up next Spring. Now I just have to find the 15 gal pots.
Thanks for the idea.

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