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Suzanne Suwanda

Great class yesterday! Well organized and inspiring. This is just what we needed as we start planning our garden expansion. Thank you!

Laurie Woolworth

I am a novice and this class was great. Just what I needed to get started. I just signed up for 4 more classes!

Kim Saldavai

The class was everything I needed to know and more. I love all the contacts you sent after the class. Now I am ready for the carpentry class. I just signed up. Thank you for offering these classes. I am just too busy to sign up for a semester long class and I feel I get the right amount of information I need to proceed. Thank you Cynthia and all of the Love Apple Farm Staff!


cynthia, can you add another "designing the perfect vegetable garden workshop?

Helen Pastorino

As an experienced gardener myself, I was not prepared for the extent of relevent and valuable information that was provided. The knowledge taught was not only learned and experienced but many, many years of re-learning had taken place and was being shared. A beautiful setting with a passionate educator. I am looking forward to attending the bee keeping and cheese making classes offered. Thank you from a new and committed student of Love Apple Farm and Cynthia.


Wow, I attended this class yesterday on 3/5/11 and I learned a ton! Gardening is a tough prospect and generally you have 50-50 odds of success until you take a class like this one. Understanding that gardening is a lifetime of learning and that there are experts out in the world that will teach you so you can avoid the myriad of mistakes possible when planning and designing your garden very are reassuring. I suggest swallowing your pride and investing in your long term success by planning and designing the best garden you can by attending this class. I cannot begin to list all the things I learned, but I know that I have saved myself tremendous frustration when things go wrong in the garden and the garden fails meaning the garden failed because I located my garden in the wrong place or I purchased the wrong equipment. I highly recommend this class and I will be returning for many more classes and investing in myself and my future gardening success.

Topsoil Supplier

Learning this stuff is becoming a dying art. I feel that there is less and less interest in gardening with the young. Would love to attend this class.

Petrina Plecko

Wish I could attend this and so many other workshops you are offering but i live on the East coast. Any chance you can televise them? Or record them and sell the DVDs!?


January sounds like the perfect time to learn a good way to redo some parts of my garden!


Ooooh, I'd love to take this! I'm hoping to buy a house soon, and this would be good info to have. Basically, I won't be able to grow anything for the 2010 season, so learning and planning instead is a good idea!


Hmm, I wonder if I can get my husband to take this class? When we garden, he does all of the hard labor and I do all of the choosing and planting. I think I've got the better end of the deal!


This would have been a great class to take a couple years back when I was planning out our garden. Some of the things I did I now regret, but it would be too much work to pull out and start over! Oh well.

Merry Christmas to all!

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