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Cindy B.

Thank you for another set of fantastic classes! I've watered the tomato and pepper seeds, and they are sitting on their heating mats. I'll go out and check their soil temps in a bit... As usual, your classes were very productive and a lot of fun.

Sandra Cadell

The classes all look so very tempting! I love all your produce, and am a neighbor (Boulder Creek) so I swing by a lot when the sign is up to buy. I would love to grow my own and have been composting awhile so I can get my soil back in shape. Here is my question, because of all the redwood trees on my property, the soil is very acidic (so I have been told) and there is a LOT of clay. Am I going to have to do a lot of major work on the soil before it is usable?

I would hate to go and take a class, get all revved up and then have horrid soil I can not plant in to use...

David Fanshaw

The peppers look great. Everytime i try to plantmy seeds i cant get them to gow. Im not sure what im doing wrong,maybe not mixing the soil properly or maybe the rabbits eat them before i get a chance to see them. so i usualy buy from the grocerystore.

David Fanshaw

Bonnie Chadwick

I love starting my pepper plants from seed. The plants and colorful peppers are a must in our garden. Here in Michigan, starting our seeds in the house give us hope for the following growing season. My daughter likes flowers, and we mix sweet peas and nasturtiums with the veggies.I just roasted a cooler full of peppers from last season to eat and freeze.
I love your website. Bonnie

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