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Cheryl Z

I've always had really good germination, maybe because I soak the seeds for 24-48 hours. Just put the whole pkt of seeds in a teacup, add 1/4 c filtered water, and leave it someplace you wont' forget it. I have mine by the kitchen sink, with the paper seed packet tucked into the handle of the teacup (I use a teacup since coffee mugs' handles are too big, the seed packet always falls out). I also pre-soak Swiss Chard, spinach, and snap peas.


Sunland is the best!

Another tip or two: buy fresh seed, store it cool and DRY (not the fridge) till use.

Follow the planting depth instructions that come with the seed. Some companies provide more information than others. Don't assume. (some seeds need light to germinate, so need to be planted shallowly, others prefer darkness, so like a bit of depth)

Love Apple Farm

Lindsay: No I don't use lids. That impedes precious airflow around the new seedlings and contributes to damping off. I just use potting soil to start my seeds, but bagged soil does vary quite a bit. I use Sunland potting soil, which is sold through Orchard Supply Hardware. It's called Premium Potting Soil. If you don't have an OSH locally, try to find Fox Farm.

lindsay brackeen

Thanks for all the helpful info your blog contains! I love reading your posts. I just ordered flats/inserts/lids and rose pots to start my own seeds indoors. Do you use lids? And do I just use potting soil to start the seeds in?

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