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Cynthia, I know this is an old post, but on the off chance that you'll get this comment - can you plant leggy basil deep the way you can with tomatoes? Thanks so much - miss your postings!!!!


Otis King of Compost

Great information! I had the world's most leggy and anemic basil last year. I thought I wasn't giving it enough space for its roots in a large pot. It also looks like you started it from seed which I've always been way too intimidated to try. I attended your early spring gardening class and I'm feeling confident to the point of cocky. I'm going to start my basil this week. Thanks Cynthia, you are my gardening goddess.

Farmgirl Susan

So great to have you back posting regularly again, Cynthia! Your basil is beautiful. I've always pinched my plants, but never that early and probably not often enough. Thanks, as always, for the helpful tips. : )

Composting Cathy

Yes, I would wholeheartedly agree with you that the secret to successful basil plants is pinching them back regularly! Last year I grew 10 basil plants and I pinched them back about once or twice a week. I was rewarded with full, beautiful plants that were highly productive. Plus all those pinchings are great for seasoning and garnishing your dinner plates!


Thank you so much for the picture! I never know where to pinch and my basil growns into long, tall, leave-less stalks.


Here in England it is a bit too early for basil. I find that it needs a bit more heat and light than is available at the moment. Good advice about the pinching out though!

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