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Carmen Mo

Thanks for the feedback Cynthia. I hope to attend the Garden Bed Design and construction workshop (and others) next spring. However I am hoping to build a out my garden bed this fall and prepare the soil for spring. Is there a book you recommend for design, placement, etc. Thanks.

Love Apple Farm

Carmen: Craig took my Garden Bed Design & Construction workshop, along with my Summer Vegetable Gardening class. I will be giving more of those classes next spring. Check my "Classes & Events" page for that info. You can also get on my email newsletter subscription service in order to receive notices of when I give additional classes.

Carmen Mo

I echo everyone's comments about how beautiful your garden looks. I'm sure it is tasty too!

Carmen Mo

Craig, I'd love to see the layout of your garden if you can provide. How did you decide on triagle shaped planters? How high are the planters, and how did you decide on the their height? I'm trying to plan a veg garden and trying to determine if I should use raised beds or stay at ground level. I also am trying to figure out the best placement for my planting beds. Please share what you can about your planning, decisions and implementation. Thank you!

Planet Gift Baskets

I love the shape of this garden. There is something so serene about it. I want to try this. Do you know how much space was used?

Carolyn Jung

My gosh, that is one gorgeous garden. You are obviously a fantastic teacher who is able to share her green thumb with others.

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