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September 04, 2009


Sarah DeMeyer-Guyer

Hi Cynthia,
I took you chick class and loved it! My ladies LOVE their predator proof poulet chalet that my husband built with the help for some friends. My toddler love to visit the chicks too. Can't wait for April and our 1st eggs!

fiddler mikey

We found our new house in the area a little late for your fall chicken class, but hopefully we can get a spot for next spring. It sure is exciting to have a bit of space to have a nice little farm of our own. :)

Love Apple Farm

Kate: The chicks will start to lay 6 months after the class.

Gudrun: I have acquired several different breeds of chicks for that class, but it is usually Araucana, Buff Orpington, Jersey Giant, Blue Andalusian or Marans.


your class sounds interesting - what breed of chickens are part of the chick flocks?

Kate Blue

After trying to find plans on line for ages, I think I will actually take your class instead of trying to figure this all out myself. Not sure if I want to wait til may of 2010 though. How long will the chicks we get in May take to start laying? I am looking forward to adding new pets to our family and the wonderful learning experience it will be for our young children. Thanks!

Jennifer Cooley

The backyard chicken-keeping class was amazing and our "girls" are all doing great at about 9 weeks old. We are the hit of the neighborhood! We were so pleased to be able to learn about their care before bringing them home. I would highly recommend chickens as pets (as long as you have a bit of space) and this to take this class beforehand. Thanks Cynthia.

Will Rifareal

With what is happening to the economy, a wise person should be resourceful and growing veggies and raising chicken backyard may well help in the area of sustenance. Your blog is really interesting and will be a good one to visit every now and then.


My flat of winter seedlings from your earlier class are in my new raised bed and on their way. Such fun! Love your blog and following you on Twitter. Will you be posting photos of your sample chicken coops? Looking forward to your chicken class in the spring!

Linda Kennedy


I checked out your web site & I love it,
I want to take everyone of the classes. Linda Kennedy


Just found out about your Backyard Chicken-Keeping class. Wish I knew about you 6 months ago when my backyard adventure first began. It's great to see someone promoting the practice locally. I would highly recommend the adventure to anyone considering keeping backyard chickens - It's wonderful!
Tracy :)

Jodi Avery

Cynthia, I did grow some kick-ass tomatoes--especially the Paul Robeson, Chapman, and Super Marzanos. All grown in the front yard, which is free of diseased earth. And yes, we should have gotten cages, but my husband was saying each tomato we grew was going to cost $5. Did cage the ones mentioned. Thanks for such a great class. I had 148 seedlings germ. out of 150. All made it to good homes! Hope to make it to the chicken class, when I get back for east coast.


I'm hoping next year to make it back to CA and if I do I'm going to be taking one the classes at your farm! They all sound so fabulous.


I love reading your blog! I found you via Laurel of Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants. Your blog has really enriched my gardening experience and knowledge. Thanks so much for posting so much interesting and helpful information in such a colorful and beautifully arranged blog!


Oh, I wish I could make it up for this class! (Not that I have a place to keep chickens, anyway. D'you think they'd mind sleeping in the bathtub?)

Cheddar Cheese

That's indeed good news! Looking at the current health & food issues & people getting more concerned with the genetically modified foods in market this will help to some extent.

Brooke - in Oregon

I totally enjoy your blog, unfortuntaly it is a bit far to drive for a class :) wish you were my neighbor. Any chance you want to move to Oregon! lol

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