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Cassandra Maas


I built my planter beds as you taught us in the class, added the watering system and I'm growing my best garden ever! Great class and your watering system approach means I'll never have to change the system that feeds my garden beds again. I really enjoyed the class and enjoyed meeting you as well. - Cassie

Mo McKenna

This class looks great!
" let you seamlessly integrate your early spring vegetable garden into your summer plantings of warm weather lovers."
That's just what I need to learn!!
I do really well with hot weather plants, but the early season has me stumped.

Donna Richeson

Hi Cynthia,

The Spring Vegetable Class today was just great -- so packed with good basic information and tips. Even though I took this class last year, I still came home today with more tips to help me this season. Your communication skills and the opportunity for hands-on participation to get our veggie flats going always creates great enthusiasm on my part. Thanks so much. Donna Richeson

Elena Lawson

Your class was fabulous!!!! I will definitely be joining you for more classes. I look forward to growing a great garden this year.

Thanks again.


Doug Whitmore

I'm excited to take this class in January. I've done the tomato class to great success and the chicken class taught me what I needed to know.

Kim Thompson

Hi Cynthia,
I signed up for the Jan. class and it will be my first visit to Love Apple Farm. I am a local teacher and I can't wait to be a "student" this day and learn from you. I will use the knowledge I learn in our life-lab this spring.
See you in January!

Jessica Ridgeway

This photo is gourgeous!

Mary Ellen Cuykendall

Thanks Cynthia for a fun and educational class on early spring gardening. I'm enjoying watching the seeds we planted grow-and I thought I couldn't grow from seed! I'll be back for another class soon.

Kim Gray

This class was great! My second class, and I learned so much more. This is my first winter garden, and I absolutely loved it, so I had to have an early spring one as well. My boyfriend is actually eating kale -- KALE -- and liking it! I'm putting in another bed this summer (making 4 beds), and I see possibly one more in my future as well. :)

Jeannie Whoely

Hi Cynthia, I took the winter vegetable gardening class from you last summer and am harvesting a bounty of beautiful foods from my January garden! Turnips are my new favorite vegetable - the greens are great stewed or in salads when young, the turnips are a great low-carb addition to braises and the plants seem very resistant to pests! Now my lawn is will be raised beds before too long. Someday I hope you will teach a class on the business of being a farmer - I will feed my family this year and make some money selling my extra produce. Cheers. Jeannie

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