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J.D. Perez

I live in Antioch. I've never seen hail in these here parts but, I have been caught in a hail storm once as a child in upstate New York. Its not fun, its dangerous, unles they are samll enough and it doesn't come down to hard. But upstate where I am from they come down hard and are the size of medium size jawbreaker. Not fun at all. I hope your crops were able to handle such a freakish accident.


WOW...I knew the hail must have been really heavy there,I was in San Jose at a dog park when myself and others looked towards the Santa Cruz hills and said UH OH here it comes !!! This humungous black mass came from over the hill right over us and our pooches..Three of us stayed and the dogs were having fun playing in the hail..But it was really funny to see everyone else (about 25 people and dogs)split REAL fast ..ha-ha.

Love Apple Farm

Yes, Kate. There are a lot of holes in the cabbages and pac chois, looks like bug damage. But they'll be fine!

Kate Blue

Were you able to recover most of your plants that got caught in the hailstorm?


Not cool and yet very cool!

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