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What modifications should I make if I love at 7500 feet altitude? Our growing season is SHoRT! Which plants have the quickest seed to harvest time?

Cynthia Sandberg

Hi Reed. You're not looking in the right nurseries for our recommended products. We use mostly Gardner & Bloome potting soils and fertilizers because they WORK, they're organic, and they are a local California company. You can go on the G&B website and find out which nursery near you carries their products. Also, we sell all of these amendments at our gigantic tomato plant sale each spring in Scotts Valley. Hope to see you there!

Reed Estabrook

I was introduced to your farm/service recently by a friend who has wonderfully flavorful tomatoes. So we bought a few plants and the little green How to Grow Better Tomato book at the flower show last weekend. Didn't realize at the time that the L A Farms was such sophisticated operation with a comprehensive website. But where I am having difficulty in following the advise in the book is in finding your recommended fertilizer products. OSH has only one of the several items listed and the local ACE, Pete's of Castro Valley, has none. But they do carry a full line of another brand's products that APPEAR to be the equivalent kind of soil amendments.
I think it would be a very useful addition to the book and the website to expand the list to include at least a second and perhaps more lines products that are the equivalent of the single recommended line.

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