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Love Apple Farms

Jennifer: If you are going to be growing on a concrete patio, that means container gardening. You should take our very informative Container Vegetable Gardening class, found here:

Jennifer Noble

I'm a novice gardener and looking to grow vegetables an herbs in my concrete patio. Would this class be too much for me?


Excellent workshop!I keep hearing echoes of your words of wisdom while I prepare to do each gardening step. Thank you for the detailed and well-presented information.
I am a beginning gardener; I found your instruction emboldening.

Jeff Hawkins

I never realized how much I didn't know. Sara was great...very informative and personable. I'll be taking more classes in the near future.
I'm looking forward to a great yield this summer, now that I actually "know what I'm doing" !

Craig Lore

For the past several years, my wife and I have been avid, but somewhat lazy gardeners. Recently, we decided to ramp up our game and get down to the serious, but fun, pursuit of vegetable gardening on a much larger scale. We have a growing library of books and research material, but nothing compares to getting solid/practical/usable advice straight from a professional. Cynthia has been perfecting her techniques for 15 years. She readily admits that there are lots of ways to do things correctly, but she teaches only what has worked for her--and it will work for all the rest of us too.

We have taken three of Cynthia's courses--two on vegetables and one on chickens, and we are signed up for two more--beekeeping and composting/vermiculture. My 90+year-old in-laws have done it all: homesteading,farming, chicken/cattle raising. My mother-in-law was surprised that there was class for raising chickens. In her day, people just did it and learned on the job, or they learned from the previous generation. We don't have the luxury of either. Instead, we take Cynthia's classes: you leave with the knowledge to tend your garden, worms, or chickens, plus you have plants, worms, or chickens to get you started. You enter the class a student, and you leave a farmer.

One warning, and I say this with a smile, Cynthia is a no-nonsense instructor. Sit still, take notes, be quiet until she's finished. If your question hasn't been answered by the end of the class, you probably weren't paying full attention. There is so much to learn; therefore, she can't cover everything, but she tries: the class is filled with information from bell-to-bell. And if your question really hasn't been answered, she will field your question at the end of the class.

Cynthia gives you your money's worth and more--NOT like some classes that could have been reduced by half or summarized in a handout.

Thanks, Cynthia. We will see you soon. Maybe you should consider selling a season pass or Gold Member option for people like my wife and me--one or both of us could then come to every class.

Amy Jespersen

After staring at our lawn for 2 years knowing we wanted to grow veggies there, we are ready to start. Your class motivated us into action. It was great to have what I knew reinforced and learn so much new information. Thanks for reminding me its okay to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. I don't have to do it perfect I just have to do it! Thanks so much you are great.

Julia A.

Thanks so much Cynthia, the class was fantastic and I feel knowledgeable enough now that I'm confident I can be successful even though I've never gardened before!

Jan J

My daughter and I took the class last March, proudly exiting with our flats of newly-planted seeds. I have had a veggie garden for many yrs, but learned alot of new info and techniques and had many questions answered I had vaguely wondered about for too long. Cynthia's attention to important details make all the difference, and boost gardening confidence. I am constantly pulling out my class notes for reference. Thanks for a day really well spent! Jan J

Laura Murphy-Wilkens

I only wish I took your class years ago! I learned so much and am excited to start implementing everything I learned. I just picked up a sprayer so I can feed the vegetables that I have already planted with the worm composting tea. Luckily, I have a few areas still to plant so I will be sure to follow your step by step instructions to amend and plant. I am sure to have lots of seedlings to transplant from the seeds we started in class. I just may have to get a worm bin. Thank you for such an enjoyable day and thank you, in advance, for a much more bountiful summer garden!

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