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Get in touch with gardening, and let the results offer you tasty food right in your own yard. Check out Love Apple Farms and you will get inspired. Good Luck!!


So jealous of your lovely, warm weather over there. I just had a bad frost over my tomatoes this week, I lost most of them!

Carla Cloud


You are my gardening guru! I want to let you know how much I appreciate the wisdom and experience you take the time to share with all of us who are fortunate enough to have found your site. My tomato cages were built per your instructions last weekend saving a bundle of money. When I transplant my babies (teenagers actually, waiting for the weather) I will be following your instructions to the letter.

But here’s the kicker. Until I read your posts I had never given any thought to beneficial insects. This year my carrots were mowed down by sow bugs, earwigs and slugs have eaten half the lettuce, a yard of soil came in with fungus gnats, my beets have been gnawed on by leaf miners, and those things I thought were mosquito eaters are crane flies trying to feed their young with my potatoes. One rose bush in the front of the house has been heavily infested with aphids. When I saw little green worms on it a couple days ago I declared war. I came home armed with Spinosad and thought, “you are going down!” But with a closer look I noticed that only aphid bodies remained and the worms weren’t chewing up the leaves. (Ok… Cynthia says innocent until proven guilty?) A quick Google later and the good news is….I HAVE SYRPHIDS! Sorry to shout but I’m thrilled. (I also quickly realized that I can’t exclaim that just anywhere. My landlord gave me a concerned look like “take the day off and get a shot of penicillin”.) Anyway, with a naked eye I can watch these little guys munching away on the aphids.

Little green worms that are friends, so cool. Never in a million years would I have checked if it weren’t for your advice. You saved another piece of the planet with your words of wisdom and willingness to share. How dynamic is that! Thank you so much!


Florida here. Tell me about sandy soil! Hehehe Raised beds w/compost, horse manure, the remains of Starbucks, you-name-it, if it's safe we add it. Now I know why FL is the home of the Earthbox. Think containers folks!

Good luck at your new farm! Hope to get out your way soon!


Congrats to David Kinch and Manresa. James Beard award 2010!!!

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