Love Apple Farms: Farm Snapshots Near the Summer Solstice

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James Kelly

If only more people could simply taste the difference of biodynamically grown vegetables. Then they might realize that there really is more nutrition without the toxins. Convenience is killing us and I commend your efforts highly to produce these wonderful vegetables and show people what they are missing by shopping in the freezer isle at the supermarket! We need to eat food as nature intended and not destroy it with processing.

Michele Shockey

Just as I was getting ready to research the trouble with my bumper crop tomatoes- suddenly brown and wilting- I read about mites in your email. Thanks for being one step ahead of the game! Too bad I don't have that hand lens (yet) to examine the little critters!

Carla James

Wow - what beautiful gardens you have!! Our
garden here in NW Montana is doing great, too,
with the heat we've been having. And our
raspberries are really out-doing themselves!

Thanks for the wonderful articles and beautiful pictures.

JustRSize Acres


I must say I have see LOTS of gardens and pretty homes in my day but you have to have one of the most beautiful set-ups I have ever seen. What a wonderful blend of vegdtables and flowers. I am jealous!

Cathy Holt

Beautiful! Wish I could see it in person.

Diane Bokulich

Well, we have little green tomatoes now! Our kids(ages 7-15)have loved reading your pamphlet, planting, watering and weeding. Now we'll see if they eat them! We made a binder with photos and your descriptions. We are short 2 tomato cages, but now they can learn how to make those too. Thanks Cynthia! Love Apple Farm has been so helpful and inspirational in our homeschooling. Many blessings!


Wow! Look at all them wonders! Those classes sound wonderful!

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