Love Apple Farms: Melon update and monsters in the garden

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Just too much fun! and what great rewards.

Cathy Holt

Looking good. Love the pig. :D

Michelle Eigen

These pictures are incredible! I am definitely inspired to up the anti with the tomato plants next year. What beautiful fruit they bear, whether it's green or red.. the exquisite list of culinary options make my mouth water. Oh... and I just received my first order of Baker Creek Seeds which I had discovered on a google search. It's great to hear such a promising review.

Rita Ramirez

I was so inspired by Love Apple Farm that we erected a hoop house in an old abandoned tennis court. After digging up the asphalt and base rock, we amended the soil and planted 20 kinds of heirloom tomatoes according to instructions on this site and WOW! We sure are impressed with the results, even in this "bad" tomato year. Thanks Love Apple Farms!!

I also love Baker Creek seeds.


I love Baker Creek seeds. It is definitely worth a field trip there to buy seeds. They also carry my favorite Clarington Forge digging fork. It's like a giant library of seeds.

Isabella Cake

That garden is the garden of my dreams! I love it! I want it! I envy you! LOL. Thanks for sharing these photos. This is really inspirational. And that pig is really scary! LOL. Just kidding!

Irrigation Systems

Amazing. I have never seen such huge size of melons and pumpkins. Next time I will sure sow those seeds. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.

Carolyn Binder

Garden envy...especially the pig! I source all my seeds (except the ones I save) from Baker Creek and have been very happy with them. I grew wonderful Sleeping Beauty melons this summer from seeds that I saved last year. So sweet and juicy! My Ali Baba watermelon vines are creeping across the patio like thieves, and we have a few good sized melons ripening. Enjoy the season!

Carolyn from

Mike Beard

Great looking garden! I'm envious.

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