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Marsha MillerAyers

Bill delivered my soil, too and he was awesome! He managed to put the soil in the exact spot that I needed it, all the while avoiding a low hanging power line. I had ordered 35 yards of soil knowing, the truck didn't hold that much but when Bill loaded it, he managed to stomp the soil into submission and got it all in the truck! He was great, I hope Sunland appreciates his skills.

Amy Jespersen

After taking several of your classes, I finally scraped my front yard of all grass and most of the concrete walkway. I have a desire to plant, plant, plant. This was a great reminder to do a soil test! And of course use Sunland.

amy watson

That's a lot of dirt!!


I love the idea of custom blending a planting mix using the results of soil testing. I wonder if there are any companies that will do that in Sonoma County.

A.  Marina Fournier

I think it's only reasonable for a concern such as your to have the right soil, and getting it custom blended is reasonable--I just never knew it could be done. I certainly don't have the enormous need that you do--I don't have that much land for planting in my city lot.

I think that any commercial small farmer should get custome blended soil, in order to get the best output.


I've been a fan of Sunland potting soil since using it back in the early 80's. The nursery where I worked (Ron's, in Grover Beach) used it for the "house" potting soil. Excellent structure with the right blend of composted ground bark, sand and peat. We used it for all the custom container plantings we did for the nursery displays and for customers. After so many years of doing the planting for Ron's my hands became accustomed to the feel of it. It is now so hard to find in our area,(most bagged potting soils are junk) I may pick some up when I come for the Tomato Masters class next week. Maybe you can tell me who carries it in the SC area. Here's to soil tests (yes!) and to supporting local suppliers like Sunland.


Oh wow. After that performance, I'd totally go with them for any soil or fertilizer needs.

And, really, there is no substitute for excellent soil. Soil testing (and amending) is part of my pre-planting and post-planting regimen each gardening season.

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