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I live in North Carolina but originally I am from Argentina, over there we use butternut squash to prepare a delicacy called Zapallo en Almibar and it is the squash cubed and slowly cooked in simple syrup, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside... yum!.


Last year i became enamored with roasted Delicata squash. It is so delicious and easy to cook. Drizzle with olive oil and a little salt and you are in for a treat that is scrumptious, nourishing and comforting.

Mark Delman

Two tips on storing winter squash:
1) When harvesting, make sure to leave about 2" of stem on the fruit. This helps keep the fruit from rotting prematurely.
2) Store at room temperature for at 10-14 days before placing in cool storage or eating. Squash needs to cure to be at its best with regard to taste.

Kate Blue

I would love to grow these myself. I haven't yet, but I did buy one from a local grower last year that made an excellent ginger and squash soup.

kathleen troeller

These are beautiful. Kaboch is my very favorite squash especially roasted in the oven with olive oil.
I have not had much luck with growing squash over the years.
The leaves end up turning yellow to brown and the squash get brown on the ends and kind of shriveled and stay small.

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