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That is a great piece of detective work and a great picture! Just like you, I wouldn't have guessed the damaged was caused by a mouse. And you have highlighted the first rule of pest control, and that is to identify the pest correctly.


Two comments about Victor mouse traps. I use raisins for bait - they don't spoil, they're messless, and if you use a cover box, they almost never have to be replaced. At least around here, mice like the raisins better than peanut butter or anything else I've tried, plus you can wedge them into the trigger plate so it's hard to "steal" them.

I got tired of dealing mice that were still alive but with crushed limbs because they went into the trap from the side, so I build simple lightweight boxes the size of the traps, with open fronts and bottoms, that slip over the trap leaving an opening in front so that the mice have to go straight in, assuring a clean kill. The tops need to be high enough for the spring arm to swing freely in its arc.

If you're putting the trap on uneven ground, adding bottom to the box will assure good operation.

Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

Those teeth marks were not made by insects. They were definitely the work of our large resident population of mice. Thanks for the information.

Don Eggleston

I've had problems with mice in my chicken coop, and I've noticed that when a water bucket is half full, I often find dead mice in it. I'm going to place a few half-full buckets near feed areas beside feed bins and see what happens.

My long-term solution is an owl nest and a kestrel nest, but neither has been occupied yet.

Growing Vegetables

Controlling pests in an organic garden can be a bit of a nightmare, I had a problem with birds attacking my brassicas until i was given a ornatmental herb which seemed ot attract all the local cats. Trouble is I cannot remember the name of the herb and as the cold weather here has killed it off it looks like I'll be back to square one again.

All the best with your peanut butter and tomato seed traps.


Mice/voles are a major problem in our hoop house this winter, despite the fact that it's New England and the ground is frozen solid. Where there's a will, there's a way I guess. I am looking into Eliot Coleman's way of controlling voles and also building one of these heavy duty 5 gallon bucket mouse traps. Here's the info below:

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