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Keith Winkelman

We've been very busy getting things in place for spring. Next big project is to redo the irrigation system from the old retail to the new commercial approach. Your class last year was perfect for this and I'll send pictures as we lay it out. Thank you for being the wonderful resource that you are to all of us!

D Lieb

Love Apple Farms has come so far over the past few years and I'd love to win a personal tour! Looking forward to buying my tomato plants this Saturday!!!

Sally Large

Just found your site and we are really looking forward to the summer veggie class. Your location photos are so beautiful - reminds me of home farm country up in Oregon.

Love Apple Farm

Hi Mary! My best advice is to follow what the biodynamic tenets are on crop rotation: split up your plantings into fruit, leaf, root and flower categories. So for example, since tomatoes are a fruit, then try to plant a root or a leaf crop next time in that location. Then after that, again a different type of crop. But if you can't, make sure you always take care of your soil. It's king!

Mary McHugh

The new farm looks beautiful thanks to your vision and of course,hard work. I had great results following your instructions for growing heirloom tomatoes. I'm beginning to prepare the beds for this year's crop (I live in Cape May NJ) and I wonder what you advise for rotating crops. I looked through the subjects you've addressed, but didn't find anything.
I took the composting and vermiculture class (my worms are flourishing!)and the irrigation class last year and hope I can get out there this spring for a class.
Thank you.

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