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I have never had any success with beer, even though I sank the containers so that they were level with the soil, etc. Have tried several different brands, and never caught more than a couple of slugs and no snails ever.

Vegetable Garden Cook

I live north of you near Portland Oregon in a heavily forested area. I have horrible slug problems, and so decided to conduct my own War on Slugs. I did many experiments to find out what works and what doesn't. I found that slugs crawl across DE just fine. You might be interested in checking out my work. Beer is expensive and only minimally effective--in fact, many slugs stop by, take a drink, and move on. You may kill some but you are feeding others. Also, Sluggo is great, but there are huge price variations and it pays big time to shop around.


I'm laughing at the beer. My mom used to set out beer traps for snails around her roses and vegetables. That was about 40 years ago. People laughed at her, but it worked.


Try Slug Shields. I used them last season and they worked. Great thing is that they are 100% eco-friendly and they LAST ALL SEASON without maintenance! I got them online.

Good luck!

Luis Tobon

I did not know about the beer but I may be trying it. I use Sluggo and I haven't had any issues. When I started gardening last year, my mother in law gave me her big container. I happen to stop by Costco on Monday and there it was. $24.99. I still have plenty and don't need it but I know where I can get it.



My wife and I have also used the beer trap with good success. My measuring system is -one for the critters, one for me.

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