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I'm partial to orange tomatoes lately, though the striped and bi-color are also magnificent. Something about orange just fits so perfectly with spring and summer. See you this Saturday!


fav color, so far, of tomatoe is chocolate-purple! Love your newsletter :)

Lenore Kenny

My favorite color of tomato is the vibrant color between bright red and bright orange of one of my cherry tomatoes. It seems to promise the sweet, flavorful burst to come.

Linda Guzman

I have learned so much reading your newsletter. I must admit, my favorite color of tomato is yellow.

Bonnie Chadwick

My daughter and I have two gardens. We have been a little successful using soaker hoses to help water when we have a hot summer here in Michigan. It seems we have to buy new hoses every year. We would love to win a Dripworks system! Love your website...

Steve Stocks

I installed two raised beds last year, 6'x3' and a 3'x3'. The rest of my garden is all done in containers. Most of my time after my plants are established is watering and watering and watering. It is all done by hand.
A drip irrigation system would not only cut my watering time down but also make sure the plants get more water on a regular bases.
Thanks for all the info from the newsletter.

Shawnee Kunz

I have a garden about 15'x20'. My husband put in spray heads at each corner and one in the middle to water the entire garden. Well, if something too big is next to a head, nothing gets watered. Also, water on the leaves causes issues. A drip irrigation system would seem to be the answer. Thanks.


I am interested in growing herbs outdoors. I want to make my own garden with plants and therefore, I looking for useful information.
I like this farm.

Lisa D.

Thank you for your informative blog and newsletter. I would love to win a private tour of Love Apple Farm!

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