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Polly Jensen

Cynthia is not only masterful with tomatoes, but with running a class as well. She walks the talk. She provides us with handouts and links after the class so you can concentrate on what she is saying, rather than writing. She clearly has thought through seed to harvest best practices for tomatoes. As others have commented, she controls the class so we can get through her very important information. Her prices are competitive on the products she offers. I love the idea of supporting a local farm and being part of the tomato farming community.

Scott Mitchell

Dear Cynthia,

I can't say thank you enough after attending the Tomato Master class at Love Apple Farm on Sunday the 12th. I had so many epiphanies during class, I lost track. From pruning techniques, to staking and watering; soil remediation to combating the dreaded Tomato Russset Mite, it all fits together now. Obviously I'm using what I've learned to help with this years crop, but I can't wait to really do things right next year!

Thanks again.

Bill Maloney

Dear Cynthia:

I drove from Carson Valley NV to the course yesterday wondering if it would be worth the effort.

We are just in the final stages of researching our farm location here and plan to begin next spring with a heavy dose of hoop houses for season extension.

I have always thought that the central challenge of a grower is to learn the language of the earth. It was a pleasure to listen and learn from someone so fluent!

I hope to return for many more classes as the experience was easily worth the drive.


purple, yellow, red, green and are those glowing tomatoes?!? of all shapes and sizes---can't wait to check out the farm and learn from the pro herself!

Beverly Anderson

Hi Cynthia,
My Daughter-in-law came over (from Monterey) in late March to check out the Tomatoes.We learned so much that day and were so inspired by our visit. Between us I believe we purchased at least 18 tomato plants (a little early). We We kept them in a protected area untill it warmed up (when was that!) My husband who is handicapped always works with me in the garden went out and purchased all recipe ingredients (yes, all) we had new Aromas soil etc. Well my plants are like a jungle and full of tomatoes all green untill August and now we are savouring the crop! Well worth the trip. Thank you...I would love to make your class but maybe next one...

Love Apple Farm

Diane: It will be at the Ben Lomond farm. Hope you can join us!

Diane Sterling

Cynthia, which site is the September 2010 tomato master class being held at- Vine Hill, or Ben Lomand?

Thanks Diane

Willow Citron

I absolutely loved your Master Tomato class last week. I thought I knew how to grow tomatoes but boy was I wrong!!

Marion (Libby) Forcey

Today's Tomato Masters Class was as wonderful and informative as the others I have attended. I left your lovely farm today with 3 things which will help me continue to maximize my home garden: priceless information, a focused shopping list for necessary supplies (all easily available from Mt. Feed afterwards) and a To Do list I will start working on tomorrow morning. My garden and especially my beloved tomatoes thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

Margot Harris

The class sounds like a great gift for my husband for Christmas! Here's the background on his tomatoes. Three years ago he built a series of raised beds and grew incredible bumper crops of tomatoes - I canned salsa and sauce every other day. The next year he planted fewer plants, and got very poor results. That's when he found out that "one should never plant tomatoes in the same spot as previous years" - but wait, we only have those raised beds to plant in! So this year he followed your wonderful "everything including the kitchen sink" recipe, starting with collecting fish heads every day from the local seafood restaurant. And we've had a really nice return. But he's also heard that he should replace the soil in the beds each year. Yike! He's 77 and that's a lot of work! So if I send him to the master's class, I bet he'll get all his questions answered. Thanks for offering the class!

Annette Moeller

Super class...what an education! I learned sooooo much. Cynthia is so generous on tips and how to's. I also learned what not to do!
Students left with pages of notes, names and web sites for products she uses and as a treat we were invited to choose a few vegetable plants from one of her green houses.

I recently went back to her farm stand and again found that very generous Cynthia...making certain that the baskets of tomatoes I picked out were full and was invited to walk through her garden and let her know if there was anything else I needed.

Lolly Belanger

Wow Cynthia, what a great tomato photo. My husband and I are longtime fans of yours, and we credit you with having a huge impact on our lives. I visited Love Apple Farm several years ago as a Bauman College Natural Chef student. You generously gave us all 6 tomato plant seedlings, and when I brought them home we decided to dig up our ugly crabgrass lawn and put them in the ground. The rest is history. My husband subsequently turned our front yard into a vegetable garden with three huge planter boxes. He visited Love Apple Farm himself and took one of your tomato growing classes two years ago. We now regularly grow anywhere from 10-15 different types of vegetables year-round (including lots of your wonderful tomatoes). We attended the Carmel Tomatofest for the past four years, and this year we are hosting our own Santa Cruz Tour de Tomato on Sept. 26. We've invited 40 of our tomato-loving friends to join us in tomato tasting and tomato-themed dish sharing. And we owe it all to you! Just wanted to let you know about the amazing influence you've had on us and so many others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lolly B.

Jane Bonacci

Hi Cynthia, I really enjoy reading your blog and I love heirloom tomatoes. I admire your generosity in sharing your skills and experience with rare varieties, helping us grow better vegetables. Thank you for promoting healthy, sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agriculture. The world is a better place because of people like you.

Take Care,

Jane B.

Nancy P.

Loved this class! Thank you Cynthia. I learned a great deal--you provided both depth and breadth of information. Now I am really inspired to apply what I learned in my own tomato garden! Can't wait to try out oxheart heirloom varieties next year.


Sound like a great course for anyone serious about grwoing their own tomatoes.

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