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mary  holford

Cynthia, I am so glad I found your classes. The winter gardening class was exceptional. The content is shared in such an efficient way and I love the way you conduct the class. Your son Colin was also so helpful. I am now planning to take the Tomato class next. Thank you so much for a wonderful day!

Cindy Lepore Hart/Cindy's Recipes on Facebook

I've been growing a vegetable garden for years, but always self-taught. I learned so much in the summer vegetable class, and plan to take the winter vegetable class. The information provided, and the links to other websites for ordering products was worth the cost of the workshop alone.

Kimberly Gilbert

Hi, Cynthia,

My husband and I have never gardened before but took your summer veggie class last spring and quite literally transformed out backyard with a gorgeous, gated garden. We got redwood from Santa Cruz for the raised beds, soil from Watsonville, grew many plants from seeds and have managed to keep it organic all summer. We are wondering if it is too late to sow seeds for a robust winter garden. We could not attend your August winter veggie class and cannot attend the class this Saturday, either. Help! We want to keep up the spirit and don't know the best source of information to get started!
Jim and Kimberly Gilbert

Michelle Carter

I took this class two years ago and have enjoyed a robust winter garden every year since! Cynthia teaches insider tips of growing the best veggies during winter months and I never knew it would be so rewarding! Thank you Cythia!


I wish I could come to your last winter class! You probably don't remember us, but we successfully grew some of your beautiful tomatoes on a balcony in Mountain View. Now we have bought a house in Sunnyvale(with great yard and gardening possibilities) and can't wait to garden. Unfortunately, we are moving this very weekend and so can't sign up for your class on the 3rd! We'd love to see your new farm, too. *sigh* Oh well... perhaps we can attend some other workshop this winter.

Love Apple Farm

Beverly: If this is happening at night, it may very well be rats or mice. Try putting out some snaptraps underneath your tomatoes baited with a piece of bacon or dried catfood tied to the trigger with thread.

I have also lost almost-ripe tomatoes to opossums. As soon as I trapped them, the damage stopped.

Beverly Anderson

Hi Cynthia,
I am having a terrible time with birds (I belive it is birds) that come and peck at my tomatoes as soon as they are "almost" ripe to pick. We have seven plants and most are like small trees! (with your recipe) and although late with fruit this year do to the cold (monterey Pennisula) they are now full of green tomatoes. As I wait, daily checking for color just as one turns it is pecked. We spent $30.00 for an Owl we also have pinwheels. Other than asking my husband to spend the night with the tomatoes...not a good idea. What to do?? we tried earlier to cover the Stupice with net over the cage but then the leaves started looking sick.
Beverly Anderson

Annette Moeller

Can't say enough 'good' about this class! My second class here at Love Apple Farm and the education is priceless. Her class is run at a nice pace.......class time, walk thru her garden....learning about pests, problems, how to plant seeds and transplants. Always a treat to see her garden...that in itself is an education! A quick lunch and than planting seeds and learning care for them.......48 little containers planted and now I'm waiting for them to sprout! Love her little freebies at the end of class.....transplants ready to go into the garden. And you bet I'll be back for another class! Thanks Cynthia and gang!

Kelly Hoover

Thank you Cynthia! I enjoyed the class, and as usual, learned a great deal. I'm looking forward to implementing all of the wonderful advice you were able to pass on in my own garden. Having felt guilty for not keeping my raised beds going through the winter months, I now feel like I not only can do that, but will likely need to put in a couple of new beds to allow for all of the new crops I want to plant---now that I know what/when/where/how to plant!
best, Kelly

Sara S.

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you for your eye opening class on winter veggies. What I learned in your class is a "life changing" event for my garden. Knowing now what I did not know, I'm amazed my humble little garden has ever produced anything. But plants are amazing. It is their persistence that makes me admire them so. Hopefully, they won't have to try so hard any more.

Steve Tanner

This is the second class I've taken from Cynthia, the first was her backyard chicken class in April (we just got our first egg this morning!).

Like the chicken class, the winter garden class was comprehensive without being exhaustive or overwhelming. The way in which she leads the class really helps the students take in a great deal of information without getting bogged down by constant questions and comments (she asks us to hold them until the end, which really does make for a better and more valuable class).

I ended up pulling my "winter" squash (planted way too late), per Cynthia's advice, but came home with some purple cauliflower, pak choi, onions and other goodies to replace them. The advice about protecting against frost and pests was especially useful.

And after you leave, she's always willing to answer any questions via email, often responding in a matter of minutes (not necessary, but really cool).

I highly recommend all of her classes and will likely take more. People drive from all over the greater Bay Area, so I'm grateful I live just a mile away.

jeanne Simari

I would have loved to take this class but only got your email today- Aug. 17th. The only class on the schedule I could make is the one tomorrow, Tues. but my day is full of other commitments. Would love more advance notice next time. Thanks.

Jennifer Chadwick

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for an excellent winter vegetable gardening class on Tuesday, August 26. My lettuce and broccoli plants have already sprouted two days after planted. I guess they like warm, sunny days!


Cynthia, I really enjoyed the class on Tuesday. You had a nice balance of information for both beginning gardeners and those who have been at it for a while. I've been gardening year-round for a number of years but am always looking for ways to improve my gardening skills. I definitely learned some new tricks from you. And thanks for all the great leads for gardening supplies!

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