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PLEASE!!Allow those of us out of your area to purchase access to classes, esp water irrigation, via internet video. I would love to attend but am in MA. Thanks for your consideration.

Love Apple Farms

To Jan:

Yes! The class does comprehensively cover clogging, and we are VERY aware of that issue and completely take care of it!

Jan C.

Does the class cover clogging in drip systems? ( I gave up and went to soaker hoses; however, I would love to create a successful drip system.)

Janice Taam

I attended your class last weekend on How to install a simple drip irrigation system. May I tell you: "What a great class!!!"
There was so much detail information, my head was almost spinning. But what was so great is that you do it in such a simple to understand way. I loved it!

I first heard you give a short seminar on "how to grow tomatoes in containers" at the SF Flower & Garden Show last year. So informative and very helpful to me as well. Can't tell you how valuable your information is to us lay people who try their hand at home gardening.

After your class last Sat. I went to visit the Mt Feed Store in Ben Lomond, you had referenced at the tomato class. Really a great place as well, tho' it took me over a year to get there!

I also want to thank you for all the detailed information on your website. So appreciative to have references to look at to help me along with my garden!

Thanks so very much,


Very nice configuration. Drip irrigation systems are the best way to hydrate any garden, they are not only super efficient, but also save some money from your water bill. If you've been thinking of installing your own drip irrigation system, check out Orbit's products and get started ASAP.

Steve Piercy

Four years ago, I converted our lawn to raised veggie beds with fir bark ground cover, and converted the lawn sprinkler lines to drip irrigation. It was mostly trial and error, and I was never really happy with it. I could never get the beds watered evenly.

So I took this class with the expectation that it would help me figure out a better system, and I was very satisfied. Cynthia saved me a lot of time trying to find the right parts. Putting an inline shutoff valve at the head of each veggie bed was simply brilliant, and allows me to water beds independently of one another. The online supplier she recommended was also very helpful and made a suggestion that saved me probably a hundred bucks and a couple dozen hours of labor.

I just finished converting my second veggie bed, with two more to go. In addition to converting the drip irrigation, I am also excavating 8 inches deep through dense clay and sandstone formation (typical Soquel coastal bluff soil). I'm building wooden boxes half above and half below ground, with gopher wire on the bottom. I'm reusing redwood 1"x8" fencing and 4"x4" posts from the fence that blew down last winter. It ain't pretty, but it works.

Steve Tanner

I thought the class was great and I feel pretty confident about it all now.

Michele McKee

I didn't get a chance to thank you yesterday. I really appreciated all of the time you took with us - the class was fantastic and you are a very gifted teacher. I plan to take more of your classes in the future.
Best regards,

Farnaz Fatemi

I can't make the July 11 class but would still like to do the drip irrigation class this year; just thought I'd chime in in case you want encouragement to offer a 3rd session!

Teri Sirico

The pictures of the tomatoes are great and are making my mouth water! Thanks for all the helpful information you post here. Now I know how to plant my tomatoes! Can't wait to visit!

Sue Bateman

Please consider some kind of correspondence courses for those who are interested but live so far away. I live in Northern, CA but can not make it to any of your classes/workshops.

Mary Ann Beckley

I would love it if you sold your class materials via step by step directions as I live in MD and have several raised beds.


Well since I'm in NC guess I won't be able to come to the class. Thanks for the re-post on tomato planting.

chris brandow

what about us poor saps that live to far away? Any chance we could confidentially get some of that info? I would be thrilled.

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