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Mary Cooper

I set up a worm bin myself after taking the Master Tomato class. It is awesome and easy to maintain. Enjoy your class, you will get lots of great information.

Steve Fox

Ms. Sandberg was referred to several times in the heirloom tomato class I took in Hercules, CA. Her website and garden tips were alluded to and we were encouraged to check out her information. Most recently, her helpful knowledge and advice regarding tomato growing was given me by my class instructor. Thank you, Ms. Sandberg for supporting gardeners everywhere!

Jerry Reeves

Some great info here! Am glad to see more and more people re-gaining the knowledge that has long been forgotten.

Fossil worm casts have been found dating back more than 600 million years. That's 300 million years before the dinosaurs.

Cleopatra declared earthworms as sacred, and forbade Egyptian farmers from removing them from the land. The Greek Aristotle called earthworms the "intestines of the soil". And Charles Darwin studied earthworms for 39 years. Darwin said "It may be doubted whether there are many other animals in the world which have played so important a part in the history of the world then the earthworm".

Kudo's on your terrific site and keep up the good job!


I took the chicken raising class, can the dirty straw be used in a compost pile?


Earthworms are so cute!


An earthworm can produce their own weight in castings every 24 hours that is 1/3 pound of fertilizer a year!

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