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I'm also curious about whether you can over fertilize with worm castings. It'll be my first year using them and I have a lot!

Love Apple Farm

Martin: There is no evidence that the eggs can exist on wire like that. They need a host plant on which to feed, and as long as you haven't over-wintered tomatoes, eggplants, peppers or morning glories in your yard, you are good to go!

Martin Knutson

I know you've said that the Tomato Russet mite doesn't overwinter well here, but I have a question. I got hit pretty badly last year. I'm taking precautions this time, and I got to wondering; could there be any surviving eggs on my tomato cages? Do I need to wash them down with bleach, or something?


Also in San Jose, CA. This is my second year growing tomatoes and first year utilizing vermicompost. Can you overfertilize with worm castings during too much Nitrogen and hence lower blooms later.

Love Apple Farm

Hi Seth: The best time to plant tomatoes in San Jose in containers is mid April. It does not matter the variety.


Living in San Jose, CA when is the best time to plant tomatoes in containers? Will it vary by varietal?

Love Apple Farm

Stephen: You can grow any of our tomatoes in a half wine barrel...two in fact per barrel. But you'll need to follow our instructions on Container Tomato Growing found on the right side panel of this page. Correct potting soil, staking, and fertilizing are essential for container grown tomatoes. Happy growing!

Stephen Williams

I'll be at the plant sale looking for the tastiest tomatoes I can grow in half wine barrels. Any recommendations?

Love Apple Farm

Hi Jerry: You've got a tough growing condition with only 3 to 5 hours of sun and having to put them in containers. Only choose cherry tomatoes or smaller fruiting types (2 ounces at maturity or less). Some of those are the same as what I recommended for Nancy for the coast (also low-light believe it or not because of the fog). So what works well on the coast will also work well in lower light. Then closely follow the instructions on the right hand bar, here, which states: Growing Tomatoes in Pots. Those instructions will get you excellent results, but only if you don't deviate from them!

As far as where you're going to find good stock heirloom tomato varieties, my recommendation is to have them shipped to you from My buddy, Laurel, will set you up.

Love Apple Farm

Hi Nancy. I always select lots of varieties that will do well on the coast. When you download the pdf of the variety list as noted above, on the right hand description column it will specify if the tomato is "C" (meaning good for the coast). A few that come to immediate mind: Matina, Bloody Butcher, Juane Flamme, Tigerella, Black Ethiopian, Siletz, and all of the cherry tomatoes.

Nancy Miller

Any suggestions for varieties that will grow well down here near the beach. Foggy mornings, cooler temperatures and all that bad-tomatoey weather ........Thanks!

jerry mace

I live on the coast of south carolina, and I have a small lot with lots of trees and only get about 3 to 5 hrs of sun each day. I try to grow tomotoes in containers and never have much luck with my tomatoes. What type of tomatoes do you recommend for me?? And where do I order these?

Love Apple Farm

Eric: The Tomato Russet Mite won't over-winter, so you need not worry about that part of it. I recommend checking your plants early and often for sign of them with a 20x jeweler's loupe. I also expect to do a blog post about mites soon. Or come to my Tomato Masters class and we discuss it in great detail. More about that here:

Eric Sudhoff

Has a bad problem last year with Tomato Russet Mites. Should I prep the soil or area before planing. Unfortunately, I need to plant each year's new plants within a foot or so of last year's plants.

Thanks, and see you shortly after the 26th. Love the Russian Orange 117.

Love Apple Farm

Lara: No, we won't be selling squash plants (if we did, we wouldn't be able to offer so many weird and wonderful tomato varieties).

Lara Fabans

I can't wait to visit! My Love Apple plants are always the best producers. Will you be providing squash plants at the Scotts Valley location as well?

Dee Dee

The Emerald Evergreen we grew last year are our new favorite. I'm hoping we can find a striped tomato that we like as well.

Sandy Francis

I just love your tomatoes! My favorite is the Thessaloniki. It's very sweet and juice. I'm also a big fan of the Sun Gold great cherry tomato that is orange when ripe.....Love them!
Looking forward to picking out this years plants,see you soon

m lovin

Your varieties are incredible! What a sale it will be!!

Alicia Byers

Can't wait for the tomatoe sell this year. I plan to plant several roma variety's and definetly a sungold or two.

Julie harris

I want to grow white odyssey. I can not imagine my friends faces when they streetcar a white tomato. Awesome

Cathy Holt

Oh, if I lived closer. Such a selection of tomato goodness.

Lisa M in Campbell, CA

I would love to grow a tomato that has adequate acidity. I can grow a tomato with decent tomato flavor and a lot of sweetness but it won't taste great because it is missing the tanginess to make a good balanced flavor.


We love the cherry varieties! The Yellow Pear and Black Cherry sound great! Would also like to see the Great White, my son loves sharks!

Jim Baggese

I would like to grow a tomato free of Tomato Russet Mites!!! Last season left me craving the the large varieties that love the heat, length of day and warm nights. Henderson's Pink Ponderosa or Red Ponderosa are two that I really enjoy when the tomato God's are willing!

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