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Mary Holford

Cynthia, I enjoyed the winter vegetable class, the spring vegetable class, and so many others. Everyone at the classes was very engaged and excited. I still have to catch one of your mini classes. Thank you for offering the mini classes also and I cannot wait to take one of them.

Another fun aspect was that your students come from all over the Bay Area and beyond.

I also enjoyed having your son teach us as well. Keep up the great work!

Kristina + Marco

Best class ever! We learned so much. Thank you. Can’t wait to return.

Kristina + Marco

Roy Robinson

Enjoyed last Sunday's class on Beginning Cheese Making at New Leaf Store classroom in Santa Cruz. Instructor was excellent (!)and we understood soft cheeses and made Mozzarella Cheese. It takes time to make soft and hard cheese after you make the cheese for the "curded" cheese to age. Not possible for a same day class. It takes patience!

Would like to take the Advanced Cheese Making Class which takes two days and doubles the class fee for two days. Hard
Cheeses are the next step up from soft cheeses. Interested in Blue Cheese, Cheddar.

Have friends that make beer and wine in their houses. Some design their beer/wine racks around their furniture. True Geeks for home brewing!

Keep up the good work! For us urban dwellers with limited living space, the cheese making could be a fun hobby!


Thanks for a fantastic Spring Veg class, Cynthia. It was well worth the 3 hour drive each way! You are a wealth of knowledge and I learned so much. I also loved how you kept the class focused on what you had to teach versus everyone's personal challenges and questions. Can't wait to get the slides so I can review and get my starts going. Look forward to seeing you at the next 6 classes I've signed up for!

Christine Berge

Since I had to winterize my garden I've been obessisvely planning my spring garden. When do you think you will have the 2015 tomato list availbale on-line? I know, I know it's still December but if I can't be out in my garden then I can at least plan my 2015 garden!!

Cathy Goorman-DePorter

Hi Cynthia, I have used your tomatoe growing formula for several years while still in Morgan Hill, CA. We moved to East Texas recently, using the same formula, I'm the envy of my new neighbors for the healthiest tomatoe producing tomato plants. I use many of your practices in my veggie beds here, even with heavy red clay soil. Thanks for all the info you post.

Love Apple Farms

Norma: Yes, we will be at the SF Flower & Garden show, held at the San Mateo Convention Center, from Wednesday, March 19 to the 23. Come see us!

Dan Connor

Great value, incredible know-how!
I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it is a blessing to have Love Apple Farms so close to home. I attended a recent tomato from seed class and it was simply outstanding. Cynthia does a great job in her teaching, and as a somewhat novice gardener I learned a tremendous amount. I was able to bring home 48 different tomato seed varietals to grow this season. Not only was it a great experience, but the LAF beliefs in sound gardening principles, with a big nod towards productive yet environmentally sensible practices. I used to buy "miracle-No" I buy worm poop. Enough said. Thanks Cynthia. Looking forward to fun in the sun in my garden!

Dan Connor

Norma Singer

Are you going to be at the San Mateo Convention Center again this year? If so, when?

Lise Carver

We loved the Chicken keeping class! We have our chicks happy and safe at home in their little brooder box.
We are eager to take another one of the classes you offer like cheese making and bee keeping or any of the yummy cooking classes.
Thank you so much for all the helpful information.

Susanne Cellura

Thank you so much for the wonderful.,well organized,informative How Garden Skills day! The lunch was a fabulous added plus. Wish I could have attends all lectures. This is a great idea for people with some garden knowledge and to supliment and reinforce. Class and workshop info. I will be back for more of both.

Outdoor Ovens

Hi Cynthia, we love your site and the very helpful information. We visit frequently for advice, recipes and so much more... Our homegrown kale, swiss chard, spinach and all our veggies thank you! We love growing our own food, cooking with wood fired ovens and dining outdoors! No more processed foods for us...


Terye Balogh

I just had to thank you for that wonderful wreath making class. What fun! Now when driving to work i look at all the potential wreath making foliage by the road. I'm seeing the world in a whole different light. My family loved the wreath i made and i felt so accomplished making that wreath. Thank you again and again for such a wonderfully entertaining and fascinating class.

Dede Dodson

I have a strong resolve this year to gather up your recommended list of ingredients to grace my tomato holes. Thanks for the great tips and as always, your goodwill to share this information so that we may all have tomato bragging rights!

Gary Millwood

Greetings, Cynthia! I always look forward to receiving your helpful Newletter. I found your comments "Growing Tomato Transplants From Seed" so very simple to follow and helpful. One hardly ever sees the instruction for canning/preserving. It brings back memories of my grandmother canning things from the garden when I was a child. Life today is about making good memories to last a life time. Thank you for making that possible for so many folks!

Jane Baker

Hi,I live in Arroyo Grande and last spring I followed your directions for tomato planting exactly as described including the fish heads. The summer weather was so awful cold at night and cool and/or over cast during the day that the plants grew very slowly and we never got one tomato from any of the 9 var. we planted. My farmers' market friends were equally challenged. I'm definitely coming up for a class. I've seen requests for video tapes - is this a possibility? Hope so, Jane

John Viken

I really enjoyed visiting the farm for the tomato seedling sale last spring. Now I look forward to visiting your new farm if possible. Thanks, your farm is wonderful!

Jeph Remley

I seriously think you need to open up another Love Apple Farm, only in NE Ohio! PLEEEEEEASE!!!

Michaelia Morgan

Thank you for sharing the Love & the Apples :)


Wow! All I can say is that I wish I were in your area so that I could attend your classes. They sound awesome!! But, alas, I'm in Montana.

You do a fantastic job and I truly enjoy reading your blog, newsletter and facebook.

Happy Gardening!
JustRSize Acres


Loved the tomatoes i got from your farm, through as sister..wish I had had more sun though!!

Cathy Holt

I love your farm too and you have some great classes coming up. I always look forward to what all you have going on.


deb tietjen

Hi Cynthia,
I SO want to come back and see the new location! You are an inspiration to the little farmer in me that is longing to come out!

elena lawson

I am hooked! It started with some seeds and your early spring gardening class and the rest is history, at least to my family. I am excited to take many more of your classes in 2011.

Ivan A.

Look forward to growing next season!

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