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Ann Andrews

Hi Cynthia,
Thanks so much working with me to give the Spring Planting class to my husband for Christmas. He'll be so surprised since you sent the certificate to my daughter so he wouldn't see it in the mail! He's so hard to fool.
Ann Andrews

PS I'm not sure what website URL means.


I love your website and newsletters! Just wish that you were a little closer so that I could attend some of your fabulous looking classes!


Love your website...exceptional quality in the articles. THANK YOU. You inspire my gardening life.
Pat from Minnesota(!)

Cinthy Tanko

Hello Cynthia- I follow you online through your wonderful emails and SOOOO wish you were closer! I live near Denver and would love to attend so many of your classes. Ever think of expanding??!! :)

Andrea G

I have taken only one class so far [pickling] and it was great. The new class room is great. What a beautiful farm!

Suzanne McLean

This was a truly nasty year for tomatoes - wet, rain, cold, mites! But supplementing my seed started tomatoes with some of Cynthia's plants helped alot. Thanks, all.

Stacy Carp

I grew tomatoes this year but never really felt in control of the final result. For instance, I totally overwatered them and diluted the flavor I think. Also, there was a mold or something that killed 4 of my plants.

I can't wait to take a tomato-growing class so that I can better steer the process next year. I love tomatoes with a passion and enjoy growing them so much, but it would be a lot more fun to know what I'm doing! Now I just have to figure out how to get to a class given my crazy travel schedule.

Jennifer Ezell

Thanks for the updated calendar of classes - the ones I took last year were so inspiring! I am really looking forward to seeing your new space and taking classes that take me beyond tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables. Should I have bees? Shall we have chickens? I probably should get my husband to come out so he has some buy-in on any new projects.

Julie Mazurek

The Tomato Masters class was excellent and I really had a good learning experience from you (just like my classes for years in Catholic School)! You truly have helped me become a better educated gardener.

Grow your own vegetables

Here's some food for thought about the dangers of commercially grown fruits and vegetables that support your inspiring efforts to promote growing your own.

Vickie and Bob Francone

My husband and I took
"Growing Tomato Transplants from Seed" on 2/6/2010.
Our seedlings are now ready to be transplanted into pots(all 288 plants). We are now hooked on Cynthia's classes and have registered for 4 more classes. It is amazing how well the seeds grew and now dream of 10 foot plants.
Thanks Cynthia

Forklift Guy

Is there a chance that you can video tape some of your classes and make them available online for those of us who live in other parts of the country? That would be great. I don't know much about growing veggies and would appreciate help so I can avoid common mistakes beginners make.

Susie Ellestad

Dear Cynthia,
Almost everyone thought that my seven foot high tomato cages were only going to give my plants inferiority complexes. Well, I had the last laugh. My plants grew and grew and exceeded the cages, and, most importantly, produced the most delicious tomatoes that I have ever eaten. Hooray Grandma Viney's Pink and Yellow, Chuck's Yellow, Matina and Tigerella!
Many many thanks to you and your tomato magic.

Nan Lesnick

Thanks for a wonderful Winter Vegetable class yesterday. Wow, did I learn alot. I look forward to more classes as you share your knowledge and experience. Chickens are next!

Lawn Care Specialist

these classes sound great! encouraging people to be more sufficient is always a good thing keep up the good work

Candace Graham

Thank you so very much Cynthia for giving so much of yourself all day today. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. This is only my second year for growing vegetables so I have much to learn.

I know I will be back for more........

Thanks again,


It was a treat to hear Cynthia speak about growing tomatoes at the Sunset Celebration Weekend. She’s passionate and knowledgeable about growing the best tomatoes possible. We learned a lot including some very interesting tips, like using aspirin and fish heads! I’m looking forward to Tomato Masters and other classes, to learn more.

Joy Williams

I just want to say that Cynthia has great classes. I'm a veteran of many, and look forward to the bee keeping class. Following Cynthia's advice has produced great results this far, and I'm looking forward to a great tomato harvest this year! Thanks Cynthia for all the knowledge you share!

Carol Hill

Thank you again for such a wealth of information yesterday at your Summer Vegetable workshop. Your class was probably the best class I've ever attended.

Suzanne McLean

Cynthia _ reporting in from the Jan 31st tomato starting class. I split a flat with my friend and didn't even water them for two weeks. Now I am innundated with 68 large healthy tomato plants!! Yikes. The only one that didn't germinate was the fuzzy white peach one. Am following your instructions to the letter. The biggest plants went into 4 " pots about 3 weeks ago and are now going into gallon pots, the others are about 2 weeks behind. They've been in a very sunny window, with fan and are really, really happy. But I need a cart to take them in and out side -- or a gardener!! Thanks so much. Suzanne in Scotts Valley

Jack Schiffhauer

Thanks very much for the most interesting and helpful class - Early Spring Veg. Gardening. Class length provided ample time for both gardening overview and plant- specific details. I look forward to several future classes.

Donna Richeson

Hi Cynthia: Thank you once again for a very good and informative class. I appreciate your efforts to do these educational classes for those of us trying to successfully grow food. You are a great community resource.

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